Too Much Pressure

Colleen Went states that cheating has been on the rise due to the fact that many teachers accept it. The teachers knew that these things went on, yet nobody seems to do anything about them. With so many people cheating, teachers have a hard time tracking down who cheated and who didn’t. Teachers assign homework every day, and they have over a hundred students. With so much assignments pouring in to be graded, teachers usually have students peer edit the assignment or they Just glance at it.

The student could have Just written down something foolish and the teacher wouldn’t notice. On account of this, many teachers think cheating is fine. Because many teachers ignore cheating that is occurring right under their noses, so many students get away with It. The lenient consequences that are given to students for cheating, is another factor that is causing an increase in cheating. Penalties for getting caught cheating are mild. If someone was caught cheating, that assignment or test is usually confiscated, and you ere given a zero for that assignment.

However, your parents were not called, and you were not suspended. Getting a zero on one assignment doesn’t hurt that much and the cheater doesn’t even learn a lesson. Due to the light consequences, students cheat even more in school. Colleen Went used exposition style of writing. Through exposition, she informs, explains, and clarifies her ideas and thoughts. Exposition goes beyond description to help the reader understand with greater clarity and depth the Ideas and thoughts.

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Too Much Pressure
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