To Kill a Mockingbird Study Guide Chapter 1-5 questions

What is the Setting of the story
macomb alabama in the early 1930s during the great depression
who is the author of this novel
harper lee
Who is the narrator
scout finch
Who is Calpurnia
she is the african american maid and cook and she was all angles, bone and near sighted
Who comes to macomb when the story opens
dill harris
What dare does Jem finnally accept of Dill’s
dare jem to run up to the radley house and touch the house
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Who came to live at the radley place after Mr. Radley died
Boos older brother mr nathan radley
What order does Jem give Scout on the first day of school
to dont bother me at school and dont tag along
what reason does walter give atticus for not being able to pass the first grade
He had to help on the farm every Spring
what advice does atticus give scout about getting along with other people
never really understand a person until you consider that persons point of view (Climb around his skin and walk into it)
what do the people in the neighborhood think of mrs. dubose
(meanest old woman who lived)
what game do the children make up
The Boo Radley Game
why does scout become annoyed with dill
because dill professes his love for scout and proposes and leaves her out, following jem around
who is miss maudie criticizing when she says but sometimes the bible in hands of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hands of oh of your father
the person she is criticizing is Mr. Arthur and the point of the criticism is that when someone is drunk on whisky, they can be abusive. But Mr Arthur can be harder and more dangerous when he misues the bible to make people feel bad.
explain why the children see boo radley as a strange and scary person when they have never seen him
because of neighborhood gossip and when scout was in the tire and she thought she heard radley laughing
what do you think about burris ewels behavior in the classrom? who is to blame for his being that way?
Mr Ewell
Jem tells scout about miss carolines new way of teaching explaining that children will not have to learn much out of books commont on your opinion of this approach to education
my comment on of my opinion of this to education is that people need to learn by reading and studying vs learning by doing approach
why are the ewells allowed special privlages that other townspeople are not allowed for three generations and were allowed special privileges
they are poor, children might starve, and mr ewell is an alcoholic
tell about the comprimise between atticus and scout. be sure to tell what it was and why they made it
she will attend school and atticus and scout will still read at night and scout does not need to say anything to the teacher