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Timesaver Customs & Lifestyle in the Uk & Ireland

What is Britain? Wales and Scotland Wales Info-stop • This is the Welsh flag – The Red Dragon of Wales. • The Welsh language is one of the oldest in Europe. 20% of the population* speaks Welsh.

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• Do you like vegetables? The Welsh national symbol is a leek. • Are you good at spelling? A town in Wales has the longest name in Britain! Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllanttysiliogogogoch • There are lots of castles in Wales. They were built in the Middle Ages*, when the Welsh fought the English. • Wales is called Cymru in Welsh. Don’t call Welsh people English. They aren’t. They’re Welsh! • Every year there are music and art festivals called Eisteddfods. They began around 1,000 years ago. Read about Wales. Find the places on the map and write the letters. a 1 Feeling sporty*? Why not go to a rugby match? There are 47 clubs in Cardiff! b 2 c Take a boat from Cardigan Bay and see thousands of seals and dolphins. f 3 Go surfing! Whitesands Bay is a hit* with surfers. And it’s also got great swimming and diving. d 4 Baa! Wales is the most important sheep farming area in Europe. It’s got 11 million sheep!WALES 5 e Ancient! In Anglesey you can see remains* of Celtic* villages. Celts moved into Wales around 4000 BC. 6 The highest mountain in Wales is Snowdon. It’s great for walking and climbing. 8 TIMESAVER CUSTOMS & LIFESTYLE IN THE UK & IRELAND © MARY GLASGOW MAGAZINES, AN IMPRINT OF SCHOLASTIC INC. TIMESAVER CUSTOMS & LIFESTYLE IN THE UK & IRELAND What is Britain? Scotland Jo is on holiday in Scotland. Complete her emails with the missing verbs in the past tense. Then match them to the pictures. buy be go be take see walk * What is it in your language? Find out!John O’Groats • 1 [email protected] com Hello from Scotland We ……………………. in Glasgow yesterday. I thought it was the capital of Scotland. Wrong! But Glasgow is the style capital of Scotland. We ……………………. shopping this morning. Some shops sell Scottish things like Tartan. That’s a traditional cloth. My brother said he wanted to buy a kilt (a skirt for men). But he was only joking! He ……………………. a tartan hat instead. 2 [email protected] com Hello from Scotland • Loch Ness Aberdeen • Hi! We’re in the North of Scotland now.We’re at the Highland games. They do some crazy sports. One of them is called ‘tossing the caber’ where men throw a heavy wooden pole*! At the weekend we went to Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain. We ………………………… to the top. It was really tiring*. • • Glasgow Edinburgh SCOTLAND 3 [email protected] com Hello from Scotland b a c I’m sending this from Loch Ness – the lake with the famous monster. We went out on a boat this morning but we didn’t ……………………. the monster! And two days ago we ……………………. ferry* to the Orkney Islands (Scotland has 800 islands! ), and we saw thousands of birds. They were so noisy! 4 [email protected] com Hello from Scotland d We’re having a great time in Edinburgh. That’s right, the capital of Scotland! It’s really crowded because there’s an international arts festival – there are hundreds of shows! We went to one last night – it ……………………. great. And we climbed up to the Castle, too. I saw somebody playing traditional music on bagpipes. TIMESAVER CUSTOMS & LIFESTYLE IN THE UK & IRELAND © MARY GLASGOW MAGAZINES, AN IMPRINT OF SCHOLASTIC INC. 9