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Thuy Linh

It was just a holiday, but it changed my life Holidays can be good for your health. You lie on a beach and relax, and tensions disappear. But sometimes a holiday can change your life completely, which is what happened 2 years ago to Victoria Smith and Sally Gook.

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Victoria Smith 6 years ago, was working as a manager at Next, a British chain store. Then she went on holiday to Bomeo.. ” It was a working holiday”, said Victoria, “where you could study orang-utans in the wild- I have always been interested in apes, so I thought it would be fun”.

The holiday was wonderful, and when Victoria came home she found it very difficult to return to her old life. “Suddenly the problems in the store just seemed so trivial. Although everybody told her she was mad. she decided to go back to university and study biology. 4 years later she became a chimpanzee keeper. for the last 2 years Victoria has been working at monkey world, a centre in south-west england which looks after apes which have been ill-treated. Many have been rescued from laboratories and circuses all over the world. She works long hours, and the pay isn’t very good, but she loves it. Apes are like a big family, each with their own personality’. ‘I’m really happy now. Since I started working here I feel that I’ve been doing something important, not just wasting my life’. Sally Gook wakes up every morning to a deep blue sky and blazing sun. For the last 2 years she has been living on the tiny Greek island of Lipsi, which is only 16 square km in size and has a population of just 650. But until a few years ago she lived in Lonndon. ‘I was working for American Express and I had to get up very early every morning, often in horrible weather, and get a train and the tube to work.

Then one day she and a friend decided they needed a relaxing holiday, and they came to Lipsi. ‘I loved it’- the people, the mountains, the sun, and the delicious food. Suddenly I knew there was a different which has organized her holiday. Since then she has been living on Lipsi and working as a tourist guide. Her boyfriend, who is Greek, is a farmer. Sally said, I’ve only been back to London once, and I can’t imagine ever living there again’. Do ch? la m? t k? ngh? , nhung no da thay d? i cu? c s? ng c? a toi Ngay l? co th? du? c t? t cho s? c kh? e c? a b? n. Quy v? n? m tren m? t bai bi? va thu gian, va cang th? ng bi? n m? t. Nhung doi khi m? t k? ngh? co th? thay d? i hoan toan cu? c s? ng c? a b? n, do la nh? ng gi da x? y ra 2 nam tru? c Victoria Smith va Sally Gook. Victoria Smith 6 nam tru? c, da lam vi? c nhu m? t ngu? i qu? n ly t? i Ti? p theo, m? t chu? i c? a hang c? a Anh. Sau do, co da di ngh? ? Bomeo .. “Do la m? t ngay ngh? lam vi? c”, cho bi? t Victoria, “noi b? n co th? nghien c? u du? i uoi hoang da Toi da luon luon quan tam d? n loai kh? , vi v? y toi nghi r? ng no s? du? c vui v? “. Cac k? ngh? tuy? t v? i, va khi Victoria tr? v? nha, co th? y r? t kho d? quay tr? l? cu? c s? ng cu c? a minh. “D? t nhien, nh? ng v? n d? trong c? a hang ch? co v? r? t t? m thu? ng M? c du t? t c? m? i ngu? i noi v? i co la ngu? i dien. Co quy? t d? nh tr? l? i tru? ng d? i h? c va nghien c? u sinh h? c. 4 nam sau do, co da tr? thanh m? t th? mon tinh tinh. trong 2 nam qua, Victoria da du? c lam vi? c t? i th? gi? i con kh? , m? t trung tam ? phia tay nam nu? c Anh, sau khi loai vu? n da b? ?m du? c di? u tr?. Nhi? u ngu? i da du? c c? u thoat kh? i phong thi nghi? m va r? p xi? c tren toan th? gi? i. Co ? y lam vi? c nhi? u gi? , va ti? n luong khong ph? i la r? t t? t, nhung co ? yeu no Apes gi? ng nhu m? t gia dinh l? n, d? u co ca tinh rieng c? a h?. “Toi th? c s? h? nh phuc. K? t? khi toi b? t d? u lam vi? c ? day, toi c? m th? y r? ng toi da lam m? t cai gi do quan tr? ng, khong ch? lang phi cu? c s? ng c? a toi. Sally Gook th? c d? y m? i bu? i sang m? t b? u tr? i xanh th? m va m? t tr? i r? c. Trong 2 nam qua, co da s? ng tren hon d? o Hy L? p nh? be c? a Lipsi, do la ch? co 16 km vuong va co dan s? ch? 650. Tuy nhien, cho d? n khi m? t vai nam tru? c day, co da s? ng trong Lonndon. “Toi da lam vi? c cho American Express va toi da ph? i d? y r? t s? m vao m? i bu? sang, thu? ng trong th? i ti? t kh? ng khi? p, va co du? c m? t xe l? a va ? ng d? lam vi? c. Sau do m? t ngay co va m? t ngu? i b? n quy? t d? nh h? c? n m? t k? ngh? thu gian, va h? da d? Lipsi. “Toi yeu it’ nh? ng ngu? i, nh? ng ng? n nui, m? t tr? i, va th? c an ngon. D? t nhien, toi bi? t co m? t khac nhau ma da t? ch? c ngay ngh? c? a minh. K? t? do, co da du? c s? ng tren Lipsi va lam vi? c nhu la m? t hu? ng d? n vien du l? ch. B? n trai c? a co, la ngu? i Hy L? p, la m? t nong dan. Sally noi, toi da ch? tr? l? i London m? t l? n, va toi khong th? tu? ng tu? ng bao gi? s? ng ? do m? t l? n n? a ‘.

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