Where did Henry David Thoreau move to on July 4, 1845?
The Woods
How long did he live there?
2 years, 2 months
What was the name of the book he wrote based on this experience?
Life in the woods
What did Thoreau do while he was living there?
Recording the cycle of the seasons
What was the point of his living there?
To experiment on simple living
Write two facts about the Industrial Revolution
Anti-slavery Movements
Railroads and transportation being built
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What was the name of the belief system that Thoreau and other writers in Concord subscribed to?
Provide two facts about the cabin he built
His cabin was worth $28; It was 10x15x8
What basic sections did Thoreau organize his book into?
One seasonal cycle
According to Tom Blanding, “What Walden symbolizes is a balance between __________
civilization and nature
What did Henry not do that resulted in his getting arrested? What was his reason for doing it?
Refused to pay poll tax. Because he didn’t support slavery and this tax was thought to be supporting it.
How long was Henry in jail? Who posted his bail?
A night in jail. His Aunt
What was the name of the book of essays Henry wrote about his experience in jail?
Civil Disobedience
What two nonviolent movements of the 20th century did this book influence?
Martin Luther King and Ghandi
What dd Henry’s support of abolitionist John Brown imply about Henry’s feelings toward the use of violence?
John Brown practiced violence at Harper’s Ferry. He thinks of him as an angel of light. He supports violence in the right cause.
What city and state was Thoreau born in?
Concord, Massacheusetts
Where did Thoreau go to college?
What job did he get right out of college? And how did he get in trouble doing this job?
Teaching job. He refused to flog his students
What venture did Henry go into with his brother John?
Established a private school
What was the Walden Woods project? What was its purpose?
The Walden Woods Project preserves the land, and protects it
voluntary simplicity
small groups of people support each other and try to simplify their lives
two things Henry David Thoreau considered important
Having a sense of peace and equality (nature)