Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall Jackson)

When was Jackson born?
January 21, 1824
Where was Jackson born?
In Clarksburg, VA
When did Jackson’s father die?
When he was 2
When did Jackson’s mother die?
Sometime after his father
Who did Jackson live with for his early life?
His Uncle Cummings Jackson
Where did Jackson go to college?
West Point
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How did he get into West Point?
Someone flushed out
How was Jackson as a student his first year?
They were hard and he was at the bottom of his class the first year
Where did he finish in the Class of 1846?
17th out of 59
Which war did Jackson serve in?
The Mexican-American War
Where did Jackson begin teaching at in 1851?
Virginia Military Institute (VMI)
How was Jackson seen as by the students?
They respected him, but not in teaching
What did Jackson teach at VMI?
Artillery tactics and natural philosophy
Who did Jackson marry in 1853?
Elinore Junkin
When and why did Junkin die?
She died of complications from brith in 1854
What religion was Jackson?
Who did Jackson marry in 1857?
Mary Anna Morrison
How many children did they have?
Only one daughter
What was Jackson an eyewitness to?
John Brown’s execution
Who did Jackson side with during the Civil War?
The Confederacy
How did Jackson become a legend?
He fought off the Union in the 1st Shenandoah Valley Campaign
How did the soldiers feel about Jackson?
They loved him more than Lee
Where did Jackson’s troops fight at after the Shenandoah?
Seven Days, Second Bull Run
What did Jackson take during the Battle of Antietam?
Harper’s Ferry
What was Jackson made after Antietam?
A Lt. General
Where did Jackson’s troops fight at after Antietam?
What did Jackson do at the Battle of Chanclorsville?
He outflanked the Union 11th Corps under O.O Howard
What caused Jackson to stop his rout of the Union 11th Corps?
He got off to a late start on May 2
What did Jackson do on the night of May 2?
He did night recon
Who shot Jackson when he returned?
North Carolina soldiers
How many times was Jackson shot?
Who was Jackson’s doctor that amputated his left arm?
Hunter McGuire
Where was Jackson taken to recover?
Guiney Station
What happened as Jackson was being taken to Guiney Station?
He was thrown from the cart
What did Jackson contract that killed him?
When did Jackson die?
May 10, 1863
What were Jackson’s last words?
“Let us cross over the river and rest under the shady tree.”