Thomas Edison – Presentation Cards

Thomas Edison
* Thomas Edison was an American inventor of the 19th century.

* Invented things like the incandescent electric light bulb, phonograph, the phonograph record, the telephone transmitter and the motion picture projector.

* Born February 11, 1847- in Milan, Ohio.
* At age of 12 – he lost almost all his hearing.
* Possibly from Scarlet Fever or an incident where he was lifted to the train by his ears.
* Did not let his disability discourage him – caused him to concentrate more on his experiments and research.
* Deafness made him more solitary and shy in dealing with others.
Family Life
* The schoolmaster at his school thought Edison to be an incredibly stupid boy.
Family Life
* His mother became disgusted at the school, took him out and began homeschooling him.
* She taught him at a higher level than anyone his age.
* By age eleven, he established his own laboratory in his basement.
Educational Background
* Edison was home-schooled his whole life – he did not attend public high school or go to college.
* His mother was the making of him.
* Edison felt that his mother gave him someone to live for and to not disappoint.
At an early age he showed a love for mechanical things and chemical experiments.
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Educational Background
* Edison spent much of his free time conducting scientific experiments.
Family Life
* Married at age 24 to Mary – had 3 children – Mary died 13 years later from a brain tumor.
* Then at age 49 married Mena – had 3 more children.
* He died at the age of 84 after he lapsed into a coma following two years of a series of sicknesses.
* Was involved in WWI – named head of the Naval Consulting Board.
* Edison spent time doing naval research – particularly on submarine detection.
* Edison experimented with thousands of different light bulb filaments.
* He wanted to find the right materials to glow well, be long lasting, and be inexpensive.
* In 1879, he discovered that a carbon filament in oxygen-free bulb glowed but did not burn up for a long time.
* This incandescent bulb changed the world.
*In 1911, Edison’s companies were re-organized into Thomas A. Edison, Incorporated., which became a thriving company.
Summary of Achievements
* Edison had his hand in a variety of inventions.
* He patented 1,093 inventions.
* He was known for saying, “Genius is 1 % inspiration and 99% perspiration.”
* He was well known and respected by many.
* In his honor, a few days after his death, electric lights in the United States were dimmed for one minute.
Summary of Achievements
* Edison had many admirers including Henry Ford.
* Ford reconstructed Edison’s invention factory as a museum in Greenfield Village, Michigan.
* The museum opened during the 50th anniversary Edison’s electric light in 1929.