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Things fall apart answers

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The other village, Mbabane killed a woman from Jamaica and a young virgin and Shameful was given to the village as a peace offering. Awoken Was troubled by his death because he became like a son to him. Shameful even referred to Awoken as his father. Awoken was hurt because he looked at him as his own, but out of pride, he participated in his murder. In fact, he dealt the final blow to kill him. 4. Beriberi was Ginkgo's friend. When Awoken visited him after the killing of Shameful, Beriberi told him that he should not have participated in the ailing of Shameful since Awoken had grown him up like his own son.

He said that the Earth Goddess could wipe out an entire family for this type of action. Beriberi refusal to participate in the killing of Shameful in light of Ginkgo's action showed that he was wise and had a different temperament from Awoken. Where Awoken is volatile and prone to action, Beriberi is thoughtful, even philosophic. Beriberi did not believe that slaying one's child was necessary to gain the admiration or approval of the rest of the clan. Beriberi believed in performing actions that were pleasing to God and not rely acting to seem strong in the eyes of men. 5.

Eczema was Ginkgo's daughter. She was more of a boy than a girl, in terms of her attitude and behavior. He preferred her and wished she was a boy more than his son Known. She understood him. 6. An cabbage child is a child that has an evil spirit. This type of evil child when born, will die and implant himself/herself in its mother's womb to be reborn as a means of tormenting its mother and family. Kefir was known to have cabbage children. At the death of her third child, Niobium, Awoken ladled in another medicine-man, Gabble Nanny, who ordered that there be no mourning for the dead child.

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Things fall apart answers

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Gabble took a razor and mutilated the dead child's body. He then took it away to bury in the Evil Forest holding it by the ankle and dragging it on the ground behind him. He did this as a way Of discouraging the evil spirit or cabbage child from coming again. 7. Awoken was exiled because he unintentionally shot and killed a clansman during the funeral festivities for Queued. Awoken had committed a female crime because his act was done inadvertently. The sixteen year old boy who had been killed was the son of Queued.

Awoken was exiled in order to cleanse the land he had polluted by shedding the blood of a clansman and to exact punishment for an offence he had committed against the great Earth goddess. 8. Awoken feared becoming like his father Look who was lazy, improvident and quite incapable of making provisions for the future. He held no titles, owed many people, was weak and womanish and hated the sight of blood. He had only one wife and owned no barns. Awoken tried to distance himself room his father's legacy by being a fearless wrestler who defeated Emailing the Cat.

He held titles, had three wives and several barns of yams. He was courageous and took charge of his family with a heavy hand. Ginkgo's pride and fears contributed to his downfall because he tried so hard to distance himself from his fathers legacy that he ignored the advice of elders such as Gibbous Queued who told Awoken not to take part in the killing of Shameful. The Oracle of Hills and the Caves had pronounced Snakeskin's death. Awoken did not listen though. He had to prove his manliness/ trench by showing he was not afraid of blood.

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