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Things fall apart

A story or poem in which the characters setting and events stand for other people and events or for abstract ideas or qualities. Alliteration- The repetition of the same consonant sounds in a sequence of words usually at the beginning of the word. Conflict- The opposition between characters or forces, especially opposition that motivates or shapes the action of the plot.

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Connotation- Associations and implications that go beyond the written word. Denotation- The dictionary definition of a word. Organizing- Use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in the story. Hyperbole- A bold, exaggerated statement. Metaphor- Comparison between like things without using like or as. Oxymoron- A paradox in which two contradictory or opposite words are used together. Personification- Animals, ideas, and inanimate objects are given human characteristics, abilities, or reactions. Satire- Witty language used to convey insults or scorn. Symbol- An object or action that means or stands for something else more significant than its literal meaning.

Literary Terms from A Step From Heaven “My toes are fish” – metaphor “The waves dance” – personification l am a sea bubble floating, floating in a dream” – metaphor, symbol “sleepy blanket face” – imagery, metaphor “like the insides of the bottles that get left on the street” – simile “bleed water from the sea” – imagery, metaphor “hands together tight like a closed book” – simile “dark round monkey eyes” – imagery, metaphor “sleepy eyes like cats in the sun” – simile, imagery “like someone is poking it with a stick” – imagery “soft and tickly as seagull feathers” – simile ‘”see my stomach’ she barks” – personification “her long hair plays in the wind” – personification I thump my head like a ripe watermelon” – simile “l watch Mamma’s shoes talk to the road” – personification “big as fish mouths” – simile “hair that can play in the wind, light as a kite” – simile “Yes, I lie, quiet as snow” – simile “waiting for Heaven” – foreshadowing “until my mouth is ready to learn” – imagery “big floppy tongue” – imagery “let us say it is a step from Heaven” – foreshadowing Literary Terms from Copper Sun “So shiny and smooth, Mari marveled. – imagery “Like weaving blankets out of sand. ” – simile “As round and brown as a Kola nut” – simile, imagery Fly my baby brother, Fly away! ” – foreshadowing “It was like a small city made of wood” – imagery “pieces of cloth, larger than a hut” – simile “as much help as a rabbit in the rice field! ” – simile “We done fell out of the tree and hit every branch on the way down! ” – metaphor “hunger lived with them everyday” – personification “she fight like a lion” – simile.