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With the growing popularity of android operating system since its release in 2003 up to now.Android operated devices has become one of the common household and become one of the common household devices and became an integral part of our lives.Smart gadgets like phones and tablets are generally used to gather and share information via networks, to communicate and to entertain.

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Growing numbers of these devices and accessibility has offered the proponents an opportunity to develop a new kind of learning experience for kid’s ages three and above.

Proponents believe that learning is an important developmental stage of kids. Having these application installed on client’s handset devices allows them to experience learning that is fun at the same time. The study main objective is to make an android application that is capable to bridging learning and entertainment. Android is a mobile application developed by Google that is designed for touchstones mobile handset devices. According to surveys, android has become the most popular operating systems exceeding combined sales of windows and ass.

Together with Google play which contains vast collection of applications, they conquered the operating system and device market. Google play has been behind top grossing games like Candy Crush and Clash of clans and communication applications. Android devices are also accessible to kids that’s why developers created applications suited for kids that will induce learning while entertaining them. Children are full of curiosity and explore it through playing. While kids are playing it is the perfect time to learn through playing.

Kid learn how to solve a problem tuition, making friends and how to recognize letters and numbers. Teachers nowadays always use visual aids in teaching to let the children be entertained and enjoy studying. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The study is for nonprofit purposes and aims to answer the stated problems below. How can the parents introduce their child to learning without pressuring their kids and at the same provide their kids fun experience while learning.

Even when they are at home how will the children learn while at the same time enjoying themselves and studying even when there is no internet connection at home. How to design an application that are child friendly Kids are fond of playing online games that are attracting and had a good graphic design. That’s why the Proponents develop a study that is child friendly and had a colorful graphic design to let kids enjoy the application.

Colorful designs are the one that most attract the children so that’s why the study needs to be colorful but at the same time it is child friendly that the children can read the lessons or instructions clearly. Fonts that will be using should be readable for the children and colorful at the same time. How will the kids enjoy using the Application There are many existing Android Application that can be downloaded but questions like “how will the kids enjoy using it” is the most important thing that the proponents should consider.

For the kids, playing is the most important thing in their life so proponents develop a study that kids can play and study at the same time and in every lessons there is an images and sounds for them to listen and learn. Kids can also use the application even when they are not online they Just need to purchased it on Google play store or in other mobile application market. In doing this study the proponents aim to develop an application that is capable of teaching kids the fun and interactive way.

To enhance the kids learning ability by playing the application. SPECIFIC using the application, kids can also learn at the same time by answering the activities that are given after the lessons and studying with pictures. Proponents also introduced the use of android application to kids that even when playing they can also learn. Studying To let the kids have an Educational Application that they can use in Kids nowadays got so addictive in different online games and Application.

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