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Informative Essay on Thesis

Effect of Romance in Academic Performance A.Sampling Design The study used purposive sampling design, which is a form of non-probability sampling (Polit & Hunglar, 1999).Freshmen engineering students who are enrolled during school year 2010 – 2011 at Cavite State University which is comprised 0.

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5 percent of the total population will be the sample size of the study. The sample population is 50 taken from approximately 1000 engineering students of Cavite State University.

B. Data Gathering The answering of the questionnaire was done in Cavite State University and answered by Answered questionnaires then, will be gather, responses coded and will be subject to the appropriate statistical computation for reliability. These students name will then be deleted from the list of the total population so as not to include them again in the selection of the sample population. C. Instruments Used

Self- developed questionnaire composed of 10 items questions will be use to measure Study Habits of Education Students. III. Procedure 100 students of Cavite State University who were in romantic relationships were randomly picked and were given questionnaires to answer about the effects of their boyfriends/ girlfriends to them. The data gathered were recorded, tabulated and subjected to statistics to find out how romantic relationships affect the studies of Cavite State University students. V. Data Gathering

The data were gathered according to the effects of romantic relationships to the studies of Cavite State University students in terms of reviewing, accomplishing home works and focusing on the lessons/discussions. These data were tabulated and represented as percentage of the answers of the respondents. The mean of the respondents’ grades were also gathered. The students’ individual grades gathered served as the main basis of their performance in school. For this reason, their grades were correlated with the total number of boyfriends/girlfriends they had and the number of years of…

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