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Theory of Holism

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The theory of General Systems and Holism Biophysically model suggests that the understanding of the illness from the perspective of the mind Is crucial to the complex nature of health. To have a more Len- depth view over the health experiences and the nature of Illness one must add psychological and social factors to the biomedical explanation (Morrison, Bennett, 2012).

For example, if we intend to analyze depression only from the biological point IEEE, we would only identify its biomedical causes: the genetics of depression. However, depression, as supported by the research, can be caused by multiple causes such as traumatic event experienced by the individual at the early age, difficult social context, as for instance, lack of social support, etc. Analysis becomes much more complex, but at the same time more profound and complete, when utilizing biophysically model.

The development of the biophysically model by Engel in 1974 was contributed to through such theories, as the theory of General Systems and Holism. The theory of General Systems Insists that for a complete understanding of processes, which are occurring Inside a human being, there Is a need to not only look at the Interrelations of enzymes In a cell (biological approach but also think about conscious (cognitive) and unconscious (psychoanalytical)

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Theory of Holism

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