Theodore Roosevelt

Where was Teddy Roosevelt born?
New York City
How did Teddy show courage at a young age?
He was a sickly child that pushed himself to be stronger.
How did Teddy Roosevelt’s illness impact his education?
He was fortunate that his family was wealthy; they were able to hire tutors to educate him at home.
Where did he go to college? What honors did he receive?
Harvard. He was in the frat Phi Beta Kappa
How old was Roosevelt when he married for the first time? What was her name?
At twenty years old he married Alice Lecholm.
What was the first political party Roosevelt campaigned for?
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What was the first position Roosevelt was elected to? Identify any advancements he made at this time.
New York Legislature; he became the House Minority Leader.
What was the cause of Mr. Roosevelt’s great sadness in a twenty-four hour time period?
His mother and wife died within eleven hours of each other.
Roosevelt made life changes after losing his loved ones and completing his term. What were the life changes?
He went West to become a cattle rancher.
When Roosevelt left his cattle ranch he returned to New York and married again. Who did he marry?
His childhood sweetheart, Edith.
What was the position, and who was the candidate Roosevelt campaigned for in 1888?
Presidential candidate Harrison.
What position did Harrison appoint Roosevelt to after he became president?
Civil Service Commissioner
What did Roosevelt do, and for how long, as the Civil Service Commissioner?
He instituted reforms for 5 1/2 years.
What position did Roosevelt switch to in 1895? What impact did he have in this position?
He became the Police Commissioner where he brought reforms to the department.
What role did Roosevelt play in McKinley’s 1896 presidential campaign.
He did “stump speeches.”
Roosevelt requested the Assistant Secretary of the Navy position after McKinley became President. When did he assume this position?
In 1897 when Long resigned because of health concerns.
What did Roosevelt and McKinley disagree on during the Spanish American War?
They disagreed on their feelings about what had occurred. McKinley remained calm; Roosevelt wanted to blame the Spanish for bombing the Maine in Havana Harbor.
What was the name of the military regimen Roosevelt organized during the Spanish American War?
The Rough Riders.
What happened when Roosevelt and the Rough Riders landed on Cuba?
They took Kettle Hill and defeated the Spanish. Roosevelt became a national hero.
What position was Roosevelt elected to in 1900?
Governor of New York.
How did Roosevelt become President when he was 42 years old?
He was promoted to President of the U.S. after President McKinley was assassinated.
What did the Trustbuster do?
Broke up the Northern Securities Company Railroad.
What role did Roosevelt play in the 1902 Coal Miners Strike?
He brought labor and owners together before an arbitration board to reach agreement on the working terms.
What influence did Roosevelt happen on the Panama Canal?
He has a treaty rejected by Columbia, supported Panama to declare independence with U.S. naval presence. These actions pved the way for the construction of the Panama Canal.
Why did Roosevelt receive the Nobel Peace Prize?
He brought Russia and Japan together through a peace agreement.
What impact did Roosevelt make on the U.S. environment?
He started and established the National Park System, Bird Sanctuaries and National Monuments.
What did Roosevelt say after he was elected to a second term as President?
He would never run again.
Roosevelt was known for _______ softly and carry a ____ _____.
Speaking softly and carrying a big stick.
What action did Roosevelt take in Brownsville, Texas.
He dishonorably discharged the Brownsville Texas AFrican American regimen.
Who did Roosevelt name as next President? Why?
He selected Taft because he was most like Roosevelt.
What did Roosevelt say later about his selection of Taft?
He was unhappy with Taft because he was not progressive enough and was pro-business.
What was the outcome of the Republican primary between Taft and Roosevelt?
Roosevelt lost, Taft won.
How did Roosevelt split the Republican vote during the Presidential election?
He started the Bull Moose Party and ran for the Presidential position.
Who won the presidency election -Roosevelt, Wilson, Taft?
Woodrow Wilson
Nobel Peace Prize (1906)
Medal of Honor (Posthumously; 2001)
Roosevelt’s awards
Spanish-American War
• Battle of Las Guasimas
• Battle of San Juan Hill
Roosevelt wars he fought in
New York National Guard, United States Army
Years of service-1882-1886, 1898
Rank- Colonel
Commands-1st United States Volunteer Cavalry
loved outdoors
nicknamed Teddy Bear
Alice, Theodore III, Kermit, Ethel, Archibald, Quentin
Roosevelt’s children
Alice Lee
(m. 1880-84; her death)
Edith Carow
(m. 1886-1919; his death)
Roosevelt’s wife
youngest to become president
President,Vice President of the United States (1901-1901),Governor of New York (1899-1900),Assistant Secretary of the Navy (1897-1898),Member of the New York State Assembly (1882-1884)
Roosevelt’s offices