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Theodor Adorno

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Theodor Adorno, who was a philosopher worked with the Frankfurt School of Social Theory. Adorno concluded that the capitalist made society to get into false needs, he observed that the capitalist deceived people that we needed to spend money in order to be happy. Having his belief for neo-Marxism, he formed his own theory called "Adorno’s theory of standardization which appealed to the masses.

The culture industry seemed to be similar in almost every way but then individuality make it differ from each other and that is what he calls Pseudo Individualization. It is like selling the same product but using different means to advertise it, with the use of images, slogans, and different personalities. Using Hollywood for instance, when they do something that is of moral standards the popularity goes down but when their way of doing things is demoralizing it becomes more successful and so they tend to get people who can do that job like Madonna.

Material Girl was written by Robert Rans and Peter Brown sang by Madonna was one of the hit songs that made her reach where she is at the moment next to "Like A Virgin". In the music video she mimics Marilyn Monroe’s performance in the song Diamonds are A Girl’s Best friend from the 1963 film Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. The scenes that were copied were the parts of a Hollywood Director trying to win the heart of an actress who was played by Madonna herself.

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It was quite ironic that in her video the young actress was not impressed with material things in fact in the video she talks to her friend on the phone complaining that the director is trying to impress her with material things when the whole music video is about she being in a material girl in a material world and wanting material things but then we see that at the end of the video he brings her flowers and succeeds in taking her on a date.

So basically the video says she is not interested in Material things but the song says another. This song did not only go global in the era but it was also recognized as an empowering an influential song for women. Certainly, when you listen to the lyrics it explains that what Madonna wants is money, jewelry, clothes and things that make life much easier and of course men are able to provide all her materialistic desires. Most of the females were seen to be less practical than Madonna at the time.

Theodor Adorno argues that popular music is produced by the masses and is the empty standardized part of the culture industry. The culture industry has captured a large audience but the youth are the highest consumers within the pop music accounting for the high percent of sales. Madonna, throughout the years let’s say three decades into the 50’s has broken conventions within gender and sexuality and is still appealing to the youth. Instead of focusing on her music the attention has been shifted to her image and is now perceived

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