Themes…. monsters are due on maple street

People who persevere are not stubborn. 4. Fear a. Fear Is powerful and can take over your mind. B. Sometimes fear Is a reasonable reaction. Other times, fear can be Irrational. C. We should fear Ignorant people with the power and authority. D. Ignorant people with power and authority can harm others. E. Fear tends to happen when your rights are gone. F. Fear can cause people to limit your rights. G. Sometimes you have to face your fears. 5. Trust/mistrust a. Mistrust can lead to confusion. B. Trust takes courage. Sometimes we can trust the wrong person (people). Ere (The Obsolete Man) 6. Leadership a. Don’t always trust your leaders. B. Not all leaders are trustworthy. C. Don’t follow bad leaders who take away your natural rights to life, liberty, and property. 7. Worthiness a. People who are worthy of leadership are fair, respectful, trustworthy, do what’s best for the common good, and don’t always make the popular decision, but they try to make the right decision. 8. Ignorance 9. Absurdity 10. Confusion 11. Judgment 2.

Curiosity 13. Manipulation 14. Truth/lees 15. Misunderstanding 16. Change 18. Blame Have you ever stood on your front porch, looking at a mob of people accusing you of being an alien? Less Goodman, a resident of Maple Street, knows exactly how this feels. In the short story, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, by Rod Serving there is a strong theme of Summary of story here. Ladled;Jeff;alkyds;asked;saddle;saddle;fjords;Sofas;JDK;Alasdair;aside;fjords;Sofas Thematic statement here. Explanation of statement.

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Themes…. monsters are due on maple street
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