The Writing Process & Writing Types

The 5 steps of the writing process
1. Prewriting
2. Drafting
3. Revising
4. Editing
5. Publishing
Brainstorm Ideas:
Form ideas about what you want to write.
Make a list of these ideas.
Ask others what they want to know about your ideas.
Think about what you want to say.
Start Writing:
Choose your best idea to write about
Plan how you will write it.
Write a first draft of your story.
Read your story to others and ask them their thoughts about it.
Change the text:
Read what you wrote again.
Think about what others said.
*Change words or ideas to better ones.
*Add or take out parts.
Complete any unfinished thoughts.
Check spelling, punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary:
Make sure all sentences are complete.
Check spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
Make needed corrections.
Have someone check your work.
Neatly rewrite your story.
It is neat, clean, and visible:
Give your story a title.
Bind your story together into a book.
Read it to others.
Display it at home or in school.
Congratulate yourself on a job well done.
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Why do we need to plan our writing?
It organizes our thoughts and what readers will read
What is the difference between revising and editing?
Revising means to change text – change words/ideas to better ones and add or remove parts.
Editing means to check spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and vocabulary, make sure sentences are complete, and make corrections.
How long should a writing piece be?
Writing pieces vary in length depending on what you are asked to do or want to do – Sometimes you have to write a paragraph or a poem. Sometimes you have to write a 5 paragraph essay.
Are all writing pieces 5 paragraphs?
No, examples of writing include poems, plays, newspaper articles and movie reviews.
What must you always do in your introduction paragraph?
Include hook and a thesis statement (main idea)
What should you do in your conclusion paragraph?
Include a restatement of the thesis statement or main idea and ties up loose ends.
The main idea of your whole essay. This is the main point you are trying to make.
Topic Sentence
main idea of your paragraph; supports the thesis of your paper
evidence/examples/specific details
facts, quotes, statistics, anecdotes, etc. that support the topic sentences of the paragraph
additional information that makes connections or adds important details to your evidence
The thesis statement is found in the ____________
introductory paragraph and again in the conclusion
Supporting body paragraphs begin with
a topic sentence that restates an idea from the introductory paragraph.
The three main types of writing
1. Narrative
2. Expository
3. Persusive
Expository Essay
This type of writing gives information, explains or describes something.
Narrative Essay
This type of writing tells a story.
Persuasive Essay
This type of writing expresses an opinion and tries to convince you that this opinion is correct.
Examples of expository writing are
News stories, scientific research, encyclopedias, instructions, self help books
Examples of narrative writing is
drama, novels, narrative nonfiction, memoirs
Examples of persuasive writing is
editorials, speeches, letters, debates

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