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The Woman’s Renaissance

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Did Women Participate In The Renaissance? Thesis: Women off higher social and economic status had a broader range of opportunities such as reading, writing, and art, but were still expected to do household chores, while women of a lower class were bound even more strictly to their domestic responsibilities. General Info Household chores came first (Cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc.

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The Woman’s Renaissance

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. Were still expected to do chores despite having servants Education was available but limited Patronized the arts when possible Middle/ Lower Class Chores/children came first

Had to work alongside their husbands at their Jobs Women were not allowed to be outspoken or express themselves in any way The only education they received was on how to be a good wife and mother Examples Isabella detest (1474-1539) Italian renaissance woman Marguerite De Invader (1492-1549) wrote poetry and ruled Spain with her brother Francis I Catherine De Medici (1519-1589) Major political force, patron of the arts, well educated from a young age Topic Sentences 1.

While upper class women had domestic duties, they were able to enjoy in a few limited opportunities like education and the arts. 2. The expectations for women of lower classes were primarily to serve traditional household roles, such as chores, rearing children, and often working with their husbands. 3. While upper class women had special opportunities, and lower class women had certain obligations, they both put household chores before any other luxuries or responsibilities

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