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The Wholefoods Company

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At the wholefoods company most entry level employees make $10. 86 on average.

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The Wholefoods Company

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. This may not seem to be a very comparable pay scale, but their benefits out ways the pay. With a very extensive benefits package wholefoods has effectively been able to entice workers to be a part of the company. The company offers medical, dental, 401k, personal wellness account, health care reimbursement, dependent care reimbursement, life insurance, disability insurance, team member stock option plan, team member stock purchase plan, team member discounts, team member emergency sharing account, and gain sharing.

Having all of these benefits outweighs the pay scale for most employees. They give good raises when promoting in the company as well. Most raise within the company are close to 1. 5%. The goal of employees in wholefoods would be to work their way up the chain of command to make more money. Store team leads within this company on average make $60, 171 a year. There are many other team lead positions within the organization that all pay close to $14 an hour. Being that there is a team lead position for each department of whole foods there is room for improvement and growth within the company.

Wholefoods can turn into a career for any hard working employee. One purposed change that the company could make to their pay structure to increase their marketability to the workforce could to be to increase the raise percentage from 1. 5% annually to 3% annually depending upon productivity. Make the raise structure be based of productivity the more productive employees will earn 3% rises whereas the non-productive employees only get 1%. This change can also prove beneficial to the company as a motivation tool

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