Essay Summary of The White Umbrella

Why doesn’t the narrator’s mother want her to know that she’s working?
working goes against her culture
What do the narrator and Mona do to help out while their mother is working?
cook dinner
What instrument do the narrator and Mona play?
What lie does the narrator tell about why she and Mona are all wet?
they were riding in a convertible
Why does the narrator admire Eugenie Roberts?
she has a boyfriend, she has American looks, and she has a white umbrella
What does Eugenie Roberts symbolize?
the perfect American girl
What lie does the narrator tell about why her mother can’t bring dry clothes?
she’s too busy
Why doesn’t the narrator want to ask her mother for an umbrella for Christmas?
she’ll tell her she’s being materialistic
What does the narrator do to impress Miss Crosman?
play a difficult piece
Why does the narrator feel bad after Miss Crosman praises her?
Miss Crosman compares her to Eugenie
Why is the girls’ mother late picking them up?
she’s working
What does Miss Crosman offer the girls while they wait?
to call and remind their mother, to drive them home, and give them pot roast
How does Mona eventually react to her sister’s order that she stay outside?
she gets frustrated and goes inside
What gift does Miss Crosman give the narrator?
the white umbrella
How does the narrator thank Miss Crosman for the gift?
she says she wishes she were her mother
What does the narrator do with the gift when her mother arrives?
hide it
What job has the girl’s mother been working late?
she will get a promotion
What event occurs on the way home from Miss Crosman’s house?
a car accident
What does the narrator do with Miss Crosman’s gift at the end of the story?
throw it down the sewer

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