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The Western Europe countries

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Question 1: It has long been generally assumed that the West (in this case referring to the nation-states of western Europe, such as Spain, England, France, Portugal, and even the Netherlands, that rose to prominence between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries) burst upon the global scene at the turn of the sixteenth century to begin a long-term domination of the rest of the world for at least the next three hundred years. Based on your reading of McNeill, Curtin, Stearns, and relevant primary sources from MyHistoryLab or the Internet History Sourcebook, does this assumption still hold water?

Why or why not? The Western Europe countries like, France, Spain, Europe and neighboring countries that rose to power amid 16th and 17th century and burst to commence a long term domination of the rest of the world will continue colonizing those countries for a little while. The assumption made about their rule still holds water. The proposed three hundred years might not be practical but it can be a good estimation for the coming duration. Colonization did not terminate at the point where the countries obtained ‘independence’.

These colonizing countries (West) had populated the countries they colonized and their influences are still evident and vivid. The term colonization is broad and means to rule, cultivate, inhabit, practice or even lean against. This is still happening in the countries that they had colonized. Though their direct influence might not be physically visible but their weight can be felt. They constantly deprive these countries their raw materials in name of processing and offering assistance. The flower can appear beautiful but the serpent under it! At times their assistance is not vivid and they do so to gain rather than to aid.

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The Western Europe countries

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They can be considered as cultivating the countries’ lands (resources). They guard and rule them up to date and it can be true to say that this will continue till all the colonized countries become fully independent. Real independence has not arrived and will only come when the countries become fully dependent. They do have at least a say in any organization formed, mineral invented and mostly their claims benefit themselves but not the founders. They have over the centuries dominated the countries or found ways to do so in countries where they were chased from example Somalia (Africa).

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