The ways we lie

The White Lie
Assumes the truth will cause more damage than a simple, harmless untruth.
You change yourself around different setting where it will make you look better.
Ignoring the plain facts
Putting of an issue and hoping it will go away. Usually turns into a bigger problem.
When someone confronts you about a lie they would deny it or not say anything at all
Leaving out parts of the truth so people will act differently.
Stereotypes and Cliches
You use a stereotype to lie
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When a bunch of people dismiss a problem or lie. Individuals might think differently but they go with the group.
Out-and-out lies
A person is lying and you already know the truth but they continue to lie.
Where you convince yourself whatever your doing isnt bad for you when it is.
Hasty Generalization
Making a judgment before you know the facts
superstitions like black cats
Post Hoc
Where two events happen and we assume that the first event caused the second
False Analogy
You connect two events and say they will have the same outcome
Dinosaurs died out so humans will to
Comparing a president to Hitler because you don’t like him
Ad Hominem
They attack the speaker rather than addressing the argument
A priest cant give good marriage advice because he has never been married
False Dilemma
The arguer simplifies the situation by saying there is only two options.
Your with us or against us
Slippery Slope
If a predicted event happens it will cause a chain reaction
People say if we do this then this will happen without actually knowing what will
Begging the question
The writer makes a statement that assumes the question has already been answered.
A teacher saying everyone in her will get an A because you are good students.