The Water Cycle Science Studies Weekly Earth-Space Science Week 6

water is attracted to other water molecules and will clump together in drops.
surface tension
water molecules of the surface of the water will attract each other more strongly than molecules underneath.
capillary action
water will be pulled along through long, narrow openings.
polarity of water molecules makes them very good at surrounding other molecules and dissolving them.
process that occurs when water changes state from liquid to gas.
cooling of water in the atmosphere changing from a gas to a liquid.
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water droplets fall from the atmosphere in the form of rain, sleet, snow or hail.
the process in which plants give off water and vapor through leaves.
removing salt from the ocean water to make fresh water.
the process in which water moves slowly through soil and rock.
about 97% of Earth’s water is found here.
precipitation flowing across smooth, paved surfaces into rivers or lakes.
water cycle
when Earth recycles its water.
water vapor
rises in the atmosphere until it reaches the upper atmosphere where the surrounding air is colder.
oceans, ice, rivers & lakes, and below the Earth
the four places where we find Earth’s water.
polar ice caps
contain almost all freshwater on Earth.
rivers and lakes
where you will find most of the fresh water on the surface of the Earth.
below the Earth
where there is far more fresh water underground than there is on Earth’s surface.