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The Voice

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You may adore it, you may despise it well guess what I love: The Voice. Well if you have not heard of it; let me give you some insight into it. It`s a British television talent show based on ‘The Voice Of Holland’ created by the Dutch television producer John De Mol. It began its 11 week run in March 2012. There are four stimulating and appealing judges to judge the voices of the contestants; more over the judges are Danny O’Donoghue who is absolutely good-looking; there’s Jessie J who sings absolutely flawlessly; followed by Sir Tom Jones who is totally a legend; last but not least Will.

I. Am who is extremely hilarious! As soon as I saw that they were the judges I literally jumped off my feet and started screaming! As you could see all the judges are singers moreover they aren’t producers or other music executives as an alternative they are famous recording artists who represent a range of musical genres. OMG the presenters are Reggie Yates and Holly Willoughby. I absolutely admire Reggie Yates and Holly Willoughby well I'm not fond of her that much, yet she’s alright.

Well I haven’t even mentioned why I think highly of ‘The Voice’ yet! I admire it because it’s different compared to all the other different talent shows, for instance: X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. In addition, The Voice is judged based on their voice and not accordingly to their appearance as the auditions are ‘blind auditions’ meaning that the judges back are turned towards the contestant, so that they can’t see who’s singing, which I think is superior!

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Thus if the judges liked the voice they would buzz to see who’s behind the voice. If there’s more than one judge that buzzed the contestant gets to chose who they want as their mentor throughout the competition. Which I personally think is the most thrilling part of the auditions to see who they pick and who I think they are gonna pick. Besides, I forgot to say I also Love the songs they sing throughout the competition, mainly because I’ve heard of them before, as a result they are my variety of music! So what are your thoughts?

Well, Isabel Mohan says “The Voice failed because it was so nauseatingly nice” along with Aiden Merrygold says “I find this show pointless as we already have an X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent and I think that’s enough! However, I don’t care what others say about this show it’s their opinion and my opinion is I find this show irresistible. Well, so far of the first series on the whole much-loved episode was the semi – finals one, where the contestants sang with their mentors for the very first time! It was exciting as well as intriguing to see what song they would sing and sort of genre they would pick!

However, the battle rounds were very electrifying to watch, as all the contestants were incredibly good singers moreover it was sad to see a few of them leave. So, what are the battle rounds? Do you know? Well, let me tell you a bit about it. During the battle rounds the contestants are coached by judges and mentored by an additional recording artist they are known as ‘advisers’. The battle pits two of a judge’s singers against each other they must sing the same song in front of a studio audience. After, the judges have to choose which of their own singers must go home.

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