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The University of Maryland

Essay Topic:

The University of Maryland is propelled by fearless ideas. Our fearlessness generates creativity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit with which few can compete. What ignites your spark and makes you fearless? There was a time where being your-self was respected and encouraged.

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From the clothes you wore to the books you read, any chance you had to showcase your individuality was recommended to be taken. It seems nowadays everyone is into the same “new craze” or the same “fashion forward” movement.

It seems as if no one is truly standing for themselves; my generation is following the same trend of everyone being unique. I do not see any true examples of eccentricity or uniqueness among my fellow “90’s Baby’s. ” It is this lack of individuality that drives my fearlessness, and pushes me to set and accomplish anything I put my mind to. To be yourself is to have confidence in who you are as an individual, even though you may not know who that is yet.

It is the willingness to take risks which can end up hurting you, with the faith that it will all work out. To be yourself also requires dedication and fearlessness. You must be steadfast with your beliefs and not be afraid to stand up for them. These are the beliefs that “ignite my spark” and motivate me to move forward within all that I do. Being true to who I am and having confidence in myself even though times may seem bleak is what makes me fearless, not only as a student, but as an individual.