The Uglies – Question Set #1

What is an ugly?
Someone who is normal and has not had the operation yet to be “pretty”; someone before the age of 16. They were littlies when they lived with their parents, then at the age of 12 they moved to Uglyville to live in the dorms for 4 years in preparation for the operation.
What is a pretty?
Someone who has had the operation to make them beautiful at age 16. The pretties seem to have a better life and are always happy so almost everyone wants to be like them. The ones that have just had their operation are called New Pretties, then Middle Pretties when they get older.
What is a hoverboard?
It’s kind of like a flying skateboard that works over a metal grid and with magnets; used for transportation. They run because of magnetism and they are charged by solar power (the sun). There is a metal grid underneath the city so the hoverboards work all over. Outside the city, at the Rusty Ruins and beyond you have to careful that there is metal underneath you or you will crash.
What are 3 things Tally had to do to sneak out of Uglyville and into New Pretty Town?
She had to (1) trick the house minder into thinking she was still in bed; (2) go across the old bridge who couldn’t report her and (3) go through the pleasure garden.
How does Peris react to seeing Tally in New Pretty Town?
He was surprised to see her. He thought she should have waited until she was “pretty” to come see him. The operation had changed his personallity.
What “bonding” activity do Shay and Tally do?
Shay taught Tally to ride a hoverboard.
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What do Shay and Tally have in common?
They have the same birthday.
What are the girls nicknames? Why do you think they have those nicknames?
Shay is skinny; Tally is squint; The nicknames are the reasons they are ugly. They represent their imperfections.
What are morphos?
They are images made from their faces which are altered to show what they would look like “pretty”.
Why doesn’t Shay have a morpho?
Shay doesn’t want to become a “pretty” so she doesn’t need or want to imagine what she would look like.
Why wouldn’t anyone want to be assymmetrical?
Being assymmetrical is part of being “ugly”. The “pretties” always have symmetrical faces. It means that both sides of their faces are the same.
How does Tally feel about morphing?
She thinks it’s fun to imagine what she will look like as a “pretty”. She likes to do it.
Why does Shay dislike the morphing game?
She doesn’t think there is anything wrong with being normal. She thinks morphing makes people think they have to be perfect.
What reason does Tallly give for people becoming pretty?
Tally said that everyone being “pretty” means that no one is different from anyone else so it puts everyone on the same level. Otherwise people would be judged based on their appearance.
What does Shay want to do that worries Tally?
Shay wants to go to the Rusty Ruins at night.
How do they travel to the ruins?
On a hoverboard they had tricked out so it wouldn’t set off the warnings when they traveled past the boundary.
What do hoverboards need to work?
They work by magnetism so they need some type of metal beneath them to allow them to fly.
What is a belly sensor?
The belly sensor provides a wireless link from the hoverboard to the person to detect the rider’s center of gravity so that the board can better adjust itself to the rider’s height and weight for the best riding.