The Tragedy of Julius Caesar ACT 1, Scene 2

What was believed to be a benefit of participating in the celebration of Lupercal?
What warning is given to Caesar?
A Soothsayer says to Caesar, “Beware the Ides of March.”
How does Caesar respond?
Caesar claims the Soothsayer is a “dreamer” and ignores the warning.
What do Cassius and Brutus discuss after Caesar and his followers leave?
They discuss the race and Brutus’ troubles.
Who is Brutus in conflict with? Why?
Brutus is in conflict with himself. He is in inner turmoil.
How does Cassius try to convince Brutus to agree with him?
He tells Brutus he can see him clearly and that he is worthy and people believe in him.
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What does Cassius mean by offering to be Brutus’ ‘glass’?
He means he will be Brutus’ mirror and reflection so to tell him about his hidden excellence and other things inside him that he cannot see.
What story does Cassius tell about Caesar?
Cassius tells the story of swimming with Caesar in the river Tiber. Caesar “dares” Cassius to swim with him in the rough water to a certain point. Cassius jumps into the water and they both have a vigorously competitive swim. Near the point Caesar cries out for Cassius to rescue him or he will sink! So Cassius rescues Caesar and carries him out of the river on his shoulders!!
What does Brutus fear when he hears shouts and trumpets sound?
Brutus fears that Caesar has had some new honors that are heaped on Caesar (such as he has been crowned King).
How does Caesar contrast Cassius with Antony?
Caesar says, “Let me have men about me that are fat, sleek-headed man and such as sleep a-nights”. ( meaning Antony). (A fat, healthy man, who sleeps at night.) Also he smiles and listens to music.

“Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much and is dangerous.” says Caesar. He says Cassius read a lot, is a keen observer, and sees the hidden motives in what men do. He doesn’t listen to music and barely smiles. He will never be comfortable while someone ranks higher than himself so he is very dangerous.

Why does Brutus pull on Casca’s cloak?
He wanted to know why Caesar looked so sad today.
What does Casca tell him has happened?
That the crown was offered to Caesar three times and he did not accept it. It made the crowd go wild for Caesar and set forth their stinking breath with their hoots and clapping.
What other physical impairments does Caesar have?
He suffered from fits of fainting and fell down at the marketplace and foamed at the mouth. He is also deaf in his left ear.
According to Casca did the Roman people want Caesar to become King?
They cheered each time Caesar gently refused the crown and when Caesar realized this he fainted.
What dramatic action does Caesar take before his fainting?
When Caesar realized the crowd was cheering because he didnt take the crown, He opened his robe and offered them his throat to cut.
(But after he awoke from fainting he claimed it was his illness that made him say that and the crowd forgave him.)
What happens to Murellus and Flavius? Why?
They were “put to silence” after pulling scarves off Caesars images.
What secretive means does Cassius plan to use to persuade Brutus that he is nobler than Caesar?
He plans to seduce him by making him believe that Roman citizens really respect him and are wary of Caesars ambition.

He is preparing fake notes written by himself in different handwriting and sending them into Brutus’s window for him to read.

What literary device is employed in lines 308 – 322 of Act I, Scene II? What does this help establish for the audience?
That Cassius plan is to trick Brutus with flattery in the fake letters to conspire against Caesar with the others.