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The Time I Went to Cabo San Lucas Mexico

The time I went to cabo San Lucas Mexico There once was a time that I went to cabo San Lucas Mexico with my family. The reason that this trip was so special too was because I got to spend a whole week with my grandparents, aunts and uncles and most importantly my parents. When we first got we went to are rooms and put are thing down then went right down to the pool.

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I can still remember the way the pool look and felt because I got cut on one of the tiles in the pool. One there reasons I liked the pool so much is you could just sit there and watch the sun set.

Then the next day I went fishing on the beach that was so cool casting out a fishing line and sitting there waiting with family there beaches are so beautiful and nice like the ones you see in TV commercials. I haven’t even got to the best part they have a little cruise called sunset cruise. You rode on a pirate ship and watch people fight and watch the sun go down. I was a lot like the movie call peter pan. This little cruise was so special because in a hurry and I got locked out of my room I forgot to wear shoes so I was without shoes that whole night.

There is one restraints that you have to go to when you are there I mean they have unreal food. They have huge tacos filled with anything you want with beans, rice and a side salad. I can taste it now. I also remember the time I went with my grandparents to the beach after the sun went down with one of my uncles. You have experienced nothing until that happened I mean the sand nice and cold between your toes swimming in the ocean you feel so free and wild. That is why cabo San Lucas Mexico is so special to me. I have a lot of good memories there with my family.

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