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The Theory And Practice Of Natural Managment Environmental Sciences Essay

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In the latest Living Planet Report building and route edifice was noted as being one of the largest drivers of biodiversity loss due to human activities ( WWF, 2008 ) . As planetary concern about society 's impact on the environment rises, the force per unit area on administrations to work to a higher environmental criterion is increasing. With the of all time turning consciousness and significance of environmental impact the successful execution of an effectual Environmental Management System ( EMS ) is going more of import that of all time earlier.

The principle for this thesis is that by successfully implementing an EMS administrations can better their environmental public presentation and hence aid cut down the negative effects human activity has on the environment. Integrating an EMS will non assist pull off the environment straight but alternatively dressed ores on put ining environmental ends into mundane processs with the purpose of cut downing an administrations negative impacts ( Sheldon, Yoxon, 2006, page 2 ) . Developing a civilization of attention through environmental preparation, consciousness and communicating may help administrations in bettering their environmental public presentation.

BS EN ISO 14001 provides counsel for organisations `` concerned with accomplishing and showing sound environmental public presentation '' to develop systems to pull off their environmental duties. Developing an environmental policy without enfranchisement to criterions with the purpose of stand foring an EMS is possible ( Hyde and Reeve, 2006 ) . However, conformity to criterions provides a figure of benefits. For an administration to run into the demands of an ISO based EMS it must besides integrate `` preparation, consciousness and competency '' . As BS EN ISO 14001 provinces any individual who 's responsibilities may do important environmental harm must be able to conform to the preparation consciousness and competency demands as stated in the EMS. Almost all functions within the building industry will impact on the environment in one manner or another for illustration physical during the building stage or indirectly during the design procedure. Therefore it is critical that each member of an administration regardless of place or function must be cognizant and take duty for environmental direction. In bend this will besides relieve some of the force per unit areas placed upon specialized environmental sections leting them to work more expeditiously. Puting duty across all squad members in this mode can be achieved through preparation, consciousness and communicating strategies that are relevant to the day-to-day patterns of the administration.

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The Theory And Practice Of Natural Managment Environmental Sciences Essay

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Through implementing consciousness based EMS 's that are compliant with certified criterions administrations may be able to develop a civilization of attention for environmental consciousness and commit to bettering their environmental public presentation.

As stated in the authoritiess Strategy for sustainable building, 2008, page 1,

`` It is clear that we can non run into our declared environmental marks without dramatically cut downing the environmental impact of edifices and substructure building ; we have to alter the manner we design and build ''


The purpose of this thesis is to research the spread between EMS theory and pattern in building and develop schemes for bridging the spread utilizing preparation, consciousness and communicating strategies.


What constitutes an EMS? i.e. EMAS, ISO14000 etc.

Determine the troubles that are faced when implementing an EMS in the building industry.

Investigate the altering relationships between hierarchal degrees and environmental consciousness and how this relationship can impact an administrations environmental public presentation.

Identify the normally used schemes for implementing the preparation, consciousness and competency elements of an EMS in building undertakings.

Develop a typical preparation strategy that could be used to implement a successful EMS in a site based environment.


Brief description of the methodological analysis used in the survey.


Explanation of and debut to the construction of the survey.

Chapter 2 - Environmental Management Systems?

ISO14001/ EMAS

Importance of Environmental Management.

Over the past few old ages both public and corporate attending has been drawn towards the negative impacts that humanity is holding on the planet.

What is an EMS?

Environmental Management Systems are used by administrations to supervise and command any negative impacts that they may hold on the environment. As with most direction systems the chief aim of an EMS is to let relevant information to be conveyed efficaciously through an administration. As Sheldon and Yoxon ( 2006 ) place this allows countries of concern to be assessed with the relevant information in topographic point before the issue can decline. An EMS will normally contains the organizational construction, duties, patterns, processs, procedures and resources for finding and implementing environmental policy ( Netherwood, 1996 ) . Through developing an EMS administrations will be able to place the most important impacts that are relevant to the company. This will in bend allow resources and processs to be focused and prioritised on the issues with the highest demand.

The Defra place statement on EMS province that to lend to improved environmental public presentation, a good EMS should:

Be implemented at a strategic degree and integrated into corporate programs, and policies. Top-level committedness is required so that senior direction understand their function in guaranting the success of an EMS.

Identify the administration 's impacts on the environment and set clear aims and marks to better their direction of these facets every bit good as the administration 's overall environmental public presentation.

Be designed to present and pull off conformity with environmental Torahs and ordinance on an on-going footing, and will rapidly incite disciplinary and preventive action in instances of legal con-compliance.

Deliver good resource direction and fiscal benefits.

Incorporate assured public presentation prosodies that demonstrate the above and that can be communicated in a crystalline mode in one-year studies.

What are the differences between ISO14001, EMAS, etc. ?

Administrations that implement standardised EMS 's are faced with the determination on which criterions to attest their EMS under. Presently the two most normally used criterions are the European Eco-management and Audit Scheme ( EMAS ) and the worldwide ISO 14001 series. As portion of the ISO household of criterions ISO 14001 is the most recognized and normally enforced system. Further to a recent amendment to EMAS, conformity to ISO 14001 is now required to go certified with EMAS. In add-on to ISO14001 conformity companies must besides carry through extra responsibilities merely ( e.g. cogent evidence of complete legal conformity with national environmental Torahs, and publication of an environmental statement ) to have proof as an EMAS participant every bit good. ( Freimann and Walther, 2002 )

Why implement EMAS?

EMAS is a voluntary strategy, therefore the inquiry why would companies take to take part in the strategy must be asked. R. Starkey as edited by Welford ( 1998 ) notes that although full administrations can be in conformity with ISO 14001, merely sites where industrial activities are taking topographic point can be certified by EMAS


How does the administration of a company impact their EMS 's?

Environmental Law and duties

EMS jurisprudence developed out of EIA jurisprudence? ? ? ?

A common ground for implementing an EMS is due to troubles in keeping environmental due diligence within the parametric quantities of the jurisprudence ( Sheldon, Yoxdon, 2006 ) . During the debut of EMSs they were chiefly centred around maintaining administrations working patterns within environmental statute law and legal conformity ( Watson and Emery, 2007 ) . Although the focal point of EMS may now be towards aˆ¦ it sill remains and of import to place relevant statute law and maintain this at the bosom of the system. Defra 's place statement states that a good EMS should be `` designed to present and pull off conformity with environmental Torahs and ordinance on an on-going footing, and will rapidly incite disciplinary and preventive action in instances of legal con-compliance '' .

It effects over eight different elements of ISO 14001 and even further in EMAS as companies can be `` de-registered '' for any breach relevant regulative demands ( Sheldon, Yoxdon, 2006, pg 78 ) .

Typically, environmental legislative acts set up a regulative construction consisting of a system of licenses and licenses ( frequently described as `` control and bid '' , or `` the right to foul '' ) ( Yarnell, 1993 ) .



Execution and operation


Management Review

Environmental Policy

Continual Improvement

Based on the ISO 14001 theoretical account for execution.

Training consciousness and competency

How make you mensurate competency?

What are the usual or recommended methods of preparation?

How cognizant do squad members need to be?


Chapter 3 - Research Methodology


Qualitative/ quantitative benefits of each


Case Study

Justification of chosen method

What type of research was used?

Why was this attack chosen?

What type of informations was gained by the research?

Who was involved and how were participants selected?

What equipment/ instruments were used?

Where and when did the probe take topographic point?

How was the probe conducted and why was it done this manner?

How was data collected, analysed and presented?

Phase 1 - Literature research

This survey will reexamine the relevant literature on the affair of Environmental direction systems in peculiar looking at execution, care, consciousness, preparation and communicating. Initial research indicates that there is varied scope of literature available to reexamine. This includes legislative publications, text editions, and diaries such as `` Using a communication-mapping theoretical account for environmental direction ( CMEM ) to better environmental public presentation in undertaking development procedures '' ( Tam, Shen, Yau, Tam, 2007 ) .

Research commence seeking in Athens, INFORMAWORLD, Engineering and Technology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management Plans Demystified, Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems

Phase 2 - Case Study and Exploratory Questionnaires

The inquiries shall center around the countries mentioned in the aims supra. To have the highest possible degree of response, a multi-choice format will be used and the figure of inquiries will be limited to about 20 - 30. Open inquiries will non be used as they can bring forth a broad assortment of replies depending on the respondent 's reading of the inquiry. Furthermore, with potentially varied and drawn-out responses, the analyses of the consequences can be well more hard.

Phase 3 - Writing up

This phase involves composing up the content of the thesis and should cover the chapters proposed below.

Chapter 4 - Case Study ( M80 )


M80 Stepps to Haggs overview

Reappraisal of Environmental Management Plan

Review of other relevant certification

Review of Roles and Duties

Chapter 5 - Discussion of Finding

Reappraisal of literature findings

Case Study

Does pattern fit literature reappraisal?

Gap analysis

How can the spread be filled?

Chapter 6 - Decisions


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