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The Theme of Death in Emily Dickinson’s Poems

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Emily Dickinson is one of the famous and fabulous female poets in the world. Her poems, for all their innovative brilliance, are nonetheless outpourings of her private feelings. And just like her great masterpieces, her enigmatic character will never fall into oblivion. Emily Dickinson’s poetry has been the focus of researchers, such as nature ,love and death. But one fourth of her poetry is about the theme of death.

Obviously, death is her most beloving theme of her poems. Death is always the endearing topic of many artists and philosophers. While in Emily's eyes, death is different from others. In her eyes, death is not dead, death is beautiful , fantastic and mystical which most of us couldn't understand and imagine. So we want to probe into the inner world of Emily Dickinson. We want to figure out the reason why Emily could imagine death in that unique and unprecedented way.

We also want to get some new understanding about life and death through her works for we really need to keep a positive, lucid and quiet mind in secular society. Death is the eternal theme during our whole life. If life is a river, it's always a river of death. Death is inevitable for all of us from the moment we come to this world. Death is following us like a shadow. , invisible but existing. Death is so important that only we get full knowledge of death can we live a better and meaningful life.

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