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The Technology Trends

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Coursework Questions to Alan I. Taub, Automotive Materials: Technology Trends and Challenges in the 21st Century, MRS Bulletin, Volume 31, April 2006, 336-343 Read this article and answer the following questions on its basis: 1. What is the percentage of automotive vehicles that are powered by petroleum products? 2a.

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When did the area end where automobiles were a cost + margin = price business? 2b. Into what did this equation change to? 3. What is the primary challenge in improving automotive propulsion systems? . What higher degree does Alan I. Taub hold? 5. Define the concept of mechatronics in one sentence. (Direct quotes are OK. ) 6. Who has been the largest user of nanomaterials in the world for the past five years? 7. What are the two major advantages of the hybrid gasoline/electric propulsion technology? 8. What is an OEM? 9. Why are fuel cell propelled cars called “zero-emission vehicles”? 10. What kind of technology is expected to avoid crashes in the future? 11.

What are the two challenges that arise as soon as fuel cells are reduced to a manageable size and weight? 12. How much more efficiency (in percent) can be squeezed out of the gasoline engine? 13. Approximately, how many microprocessors are in current high-end cars from General Motors? 14. By how much (in percent) needs the vehicle mass to be reduced in order to improve the fuel economy by 6%? 15. What seems to be the best solution for the hydrogen storage challenges? 16. Roughly, how much of the steel in currently produced vehicles is of high strength? 7. By how much (in percent) did the automotive industry reduce the weight of its vehicles over the past 30 years? 18. Which two light-weight metals replace steel in currently produced cars? 19. What are the amounts of money that manufactures are typically allowed to spend on parts in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry and on satellites? 20. What is the principle process of a fuel cell (not more than two sentences please since I ask for the principle – not the many details)

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