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The Technology to Detect Counterfeit Currency

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Currently it is quite easy to manufacture or produce money which is known as fake (Brain, 2007). This is because it is said that only the following are needed: “a personal computer, a scanner, an inkjet colored printer, as well as, time which is only ten minutes” (Brain, 2007). The first step is to place the bill on the scanner then setting the scanner in its highest resolution at 2,400 DPI before eventually scanning it (Brain, 2007).

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After that printing may already be carried out (Brain, 2007). Yes indeed, it is now very easy to do so.

This is the reasons an individual should know how to distinguish a real from counterfeit money. The following may be of help: First of all, take a look at the picture (United.. , 2006). In the real money, the picture would be extremely realistic (United.. , 2006). The picture in the real money will also “stand out noticeably from the background” (United.. , 2006). In the counterfeit money, on the other hand, the picture in it looks exceedingly lifeless and unexciting (United.. , 2006). In addition to that, its features go along with the backdrop which is usually too shady, shadowy, gloomy, blotchy and speckled (United.. , 2006).

Second is to be extremely mindful and check on the federal reserve and treasury seals (United.. , 2006). How? On the real money, it is exceedingly noticeable that the “saw-tooth points of the federal reserve and treasury seals are apparent, distinctive, as well as, jagged” whereas on the counterfeit money, “the saw-tooth points of the federal reserve and treasury seals have irregular, dull, or wrecked saw-tooth points” (United.. , 2006). Third is to be familiar with the money’s border (United.. , 2006).

In genuine money, “it is extremely noticeable that the fine lines in the border are very clear and continuous” (United.. , 2006). In the counterfeit bill though, “the streak are so distorted and indistinguishable” (United.. , 2006). Fourth is to look deeper into the serial numbers (United.. , 2006). In the real bill, the spaces are even in between the serial numbers (United.. , 2006). In addition to that, it is set apart by its idiosyncratic style (United.. , 2006). Furthermore, the color of the treasury seal is also similar to the hue utilized in printing the serial numbers (United.. , 2006).

On the other hand, in counterfeit bills, the color used in printing the serial numbers may not at all be the same with the hue of the treasury seal (United.. , 2006). Also counterfeit bills’ serial numbers’ spaces are not even (United.. , 2006). In addition to that, the serial numbers in counterfeit money do not make a straight line (United.. , 2006). Last but not least is to scrutinize the type of paper utilized (Indigo.. , 2002). In the real money, there are strands which are colored blue and red set in or entrenched in the entire paper (Indigo.. , 2002).

Meanwhile, the counterfeit bill does not have strands or fibers, instead, red and blue lines are printed on the paper instead of being embedded on it (Indigo.. , 2002). Devices Utilized to Detect Counterfeit Money There are several devices utilized nowadays to find out if money is counterfeit or real. Some of these devices include the following: First of all is the counterfeit detector pen (How.. , 2007).

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