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The Startup CEO’s Ultimate Guide to Combating Stress & ‘Silicon Valley Syndrome’

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If you've mastered the basics of a well-balanced diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercise, then it's time to conquer a new level of lifestyle tips to stay on the path to continual self-improvement.


For instance, invented a sensory device that fits around your waist and gently alerts you if you slouch. The company (which comprises of medical advisors and a co-founder with a medical degree) coined the term “as the physical or mental health symptoms arising from the way we use - or overuse - technology. They surveyed more than 2,000 workers and found that 60 percent reported a myriad of health problems from overusing technology or sitting for several hours with poor posture.

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We asked various health experts for lifestyle tips to battle Silicon Valley Syndrome. Click on the following pages to read the full wellness manual and make sure to visit the last section for basic video tutorials from Live Liberated Fitness on rebalancing your posture.

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