The Shang Dynasty-Chpt 20

Where were the ruins of a Shang city discovered?
Describe what archeologists have discovered about Shang cities.
Nine royal tombs
Name in order the pyramid.
1) King 2) Nobles 3) Artisans and Traders 4) Farmers 5) Slaves.
On what object were the first examples of Chinese writing found?
On Oracle bones
What is a logograph?
Character that stands for a word.
Why was written language important in Chinese history?
Helped unify the Chinese people.
Identify 2 materials used by Shang artists. For each material, list an example of an art piece that might be created using it.
Artisans used a lot of Bronze and Jade
jade= Jewlery
Bronze= weapons
Describe some way’s that Shang artisans decorated vessels and other objects.
Might have the horn of an Ox, the ears of an elephant, the talons as a bird, the eye of a man, and the crest of a dragon.
Why were bronze making skills so important to the Shang dynasty?
Were stronger, and at the same time lighter. If you have better weapons you can stay in power longer.
Describe the king in the pyramid.
King= Kings used oracle bones to ask ancestors advice
Describe the Nobles in the pyramid.
Nobles= Nobles fought in the king’s armies. They also supplied the armies with weapons, foot soldiers, and chariots.
Describe the Artisans in the pyramid.
Artisans= Potters, stone makers, and workers crafted items in this materials Jade and Bronze.
Describe the Traders in the pyramid
Traders= They used cowrie shells as money for trading with far away regions.
Describe the Farmers in the pyramid.
Framers= They didn’t own the land they farmed, gave most of there harvest to the Nobles, used simple tools made out of stone and wood.
Describe the Slaves in the pyramid.
Slaves= Spent there life building tombs and palaces, many were prisioners of war, when there master dies they are scarified.
When and where did the Shang dynasty rule?
At the Huang He Valley, from 1700-1122 B.C.E.
For hundreds of years, Western scholars believed that the Shang dynasty was a legend because?
Archeologist did not have any solid evidence it existed.
What is significant about the Chinese city, Anyang?
It was where many Shang artifacts were found.
What did the Shang do to ensure their kings were in the afterlife?
They buried, animals, servants, and slaves in there tombs.
How would a Shang king extend his power?
He would set up smaller kingdoms led by his nephew and younger brothers.
The Shang kings depended on there army to?
Fight to defend and expand the kingdom
Something true about the Shang use of Bronze was?
They were among the first civilization to make Bronze.
What Shang group was the highest- ranking, after the king and his relatives?
What did the Shang king do for Nobles in exchange for their military help?
He was not likely to interfere with their control over the land.
Which group of artisans were especially valued in Shang society?
Artisans that were skilled in Bronze.
What did the Shang use for money?
They used Cowrie Shells.
What group made up the largest social class in Shang society?
In Shang society, slaves spent their lives?
Building tombs and palaces.
In their religion, the Shang believed that dead ancestors?
Had the power to help and harm the living.
Something true of the Shang writing?
Its caracter stood for words instead of sounds.
Shang artist often made remarkable pieces using both?
Jade and Bronze.
What is one reason the Shang were able to stay in power for over five hundred years?
They had very good Bronze-making skills.
What did the Shang kings use to seek advice on important issues from their ancestors?
Oracle Bones.
How may the Shang king and his nobles have weakened there economy?
Spent extravagant amounts of money on there palaces, furniture, clothing, and even there tombs. ( Lavish spending)
What technology did the Shang use to make strong helmets?
They discovered how to make bronze from a mixture of copper and tin.
For what purpose would a Shang leader most likely use an oracle bone made from a turtle shell?
To seek there ancestors advice on important matters.
The modern Chinese word for merchant is Shang ren which means Shang man. What does this suggest about Shang culture?
That they traded extensively.
Which Shang people had the lowest social status?
Shang weapons were especially strong because skilled artisans made these objects from?
What led the archeologists to conclude that the Shang believed in the life after death?
Ruins and artifacts found at Anyang show that kings were buried with goods, people, and animals that would be useful to them in the life after death.
How did scholars learn that the Shang dynasty was real and not just a myth?
logographs and pictographs were unscripted on oracle bones.
Shang Dynasty
one of the first Chinese dynasties, ruled from 1700 to 1122 B.C.E. (500 yrs)
a strong metal alloy made from copper
Oracle Bones
a piece of bone or shell heated and cracked by holy men to seek advice from a king’s ancestors