The scientific study of the Earth

Earth Scienc
The scientific study of Earth and the universe around it
geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy
Most scientists specialize in one of the four major areas of study: the solid earth (?), the oceans (?), the atmosphere (?), and the universe beyond Earth (?)
The scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of Earth and the processes that shape Earth
Earthquakes or volcanoes, exploration for natural resources such as coal and oil, and the study of Earth’s history through rocks and fossils
Geology included many specialized fields of study, such as the study of what?
The scientific study of the ocean, including the properties and movement of ocean water, and the characteristics of the ocean floor.
Others study waves, tides, and ocean currents. Still others study the ocean floor or the organisms that live in the oceans.
Like geology, oceanography includes specialized fields. Some oceanographers study ocean water. What do others study?
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The scientific study of earth’s atmosphere, especially in relation to weather and climate.
Satellites, radar, and other technologies.
What do meteorologists use to study the atmospheric conditions that produce water. They may use this information to prepare weather forecasts.
Some meteorologists study climate, the patterns of weather occur over long periods of time.
What do some meteorologists study?
The scientific study of the universe
What is one of the oldest branches of Earth science
The sun, moon, the planets, and the universe.
What do astronomers use Earth-based and space-based telescopes as well as other instruments to study?
Environmental Science
A relatively new field of Earth science the involves the study of the ways in which humans interact with their environment
Fields such as Earth Science, biology, and the social sciences.
What fields of science contribute to environmental science?
To understand and solve problems that result from how we use natural resources and how our actions affect the environment.
What is the goal of environmental science?
Natural forces not only shape the Earth, but also affect life on Earth.
What is so important about Natural Forces?
So that they can better predict potential disasters and help save lives and property.
Why do earth scientists try to understand how natural forces shape our environment?
The work of Earth Scientists helps us understand our place in the what?
Earth Scientists
The study of what can help people gain access to Earth’s resoources
Earth Scientists also strive to help people use those resources …?
Who kept records of earthquakes as early as 780 BCE0?
Who compiled a catalogue of rocks and minerals around 200 BCE?