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The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif Conflict

Conflict can reveal unexpected qualities in an Individual * Consider how conflict tests people’s characters and the way in which people’s choices in conflict situations reveal aspects of their character that might not otherwise be revealed. * Najaf does not surprise himself or his family so much as he surprises the reader with regards to his qualities. It is surprising to read of an individual whose overriding response to conflict is one of compassion and whose faith in God never falters.

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Conflict between Border Protection versus Asylum to Refugees * Najaf describes his and other refugee’s desperate plight and risks they took when they fled their countries. He recounts the harrowing escape the refugees had over land and sea, each step of the way, risking capture or death. * The concern for the Australian Government is to attempt to confirm the identities of Asylum Seekers and assess their character.

This is one of the frustrations for Najaf, that people who have no understanding of the qualities of his character can “decide if I am a fit person to take my place in the community of Australia. ” Internal Conflict * As Najaf flees across the border from Afghanistan to Pakistan, he becomes sentimental about the loss of his homeland. While he discovers freedom, he is torn between what he has left behind and his hope of what is to come. When Najaf reaches Australia, this conflict of emotion is a constant throughout his time in Woomera.

There is a battle in the heart and mind of the Woomera detainees between feelings of hope and despair. * Conflict feelings are amplified by the trauma of being incarcerated and the anxiety of waiting for the news of either acceptance or rejection into Australia. While he is often sorrowful, he endures by striving to remain optimistic. He recalls the hazardous journey he took to arrive in Australia and cling to the hope that maybe these Australians will let me become a complete man again. However, the internal conflict driven by fear of rejection and the hope of acceptance persists. * In Australia, Najaf is lonely and feels incomplete. * Certainly, there is joy at his new beginning, but the memories and homesickness still cause anguish “I cannot forget the Afghans who have not met with the good fortune, and I never will. But I will never forget the sunshine of Maria’s smile on the day of the party either. ”

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