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The Role of Government in Policy Making

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While reading Chapter 2 on The Role of Government in Policy Making, I noticed that in the text it stated that “all fields of practice are affected by the social and organizational policy made by judicial decisions. ” (Donald E. Chambers and Kenneth R. Wedel. Published by Allyn and Bacon pg. 35). The YWCA provides women and children with several different services. It is vital that the organization is careful of what they are doing with their clients and observe the policies for these social programs.

The judicial branch of the government has a lot of power over these social programs and can completely discontinue the program under certain circumstances. This is done in order to keep the organization consistent with court orders. “The judicial branch restricts or expands the power of government administrators and officials so that they are consistent with past court decisions, with governmental principles, and (sometimes) with the fundamental constitutional rights of citizens. ” (Donald E. Chambers and Kenneth R. Wedel. Published by Allyn and Bacon).

The laws that are put in place for this organization or organizations similar to the YWCA can influence the decision making and its day to day operations by a simple change in law. A change in law could mean that the requirements have been altered or changed and in order to service their clients properly, there are guidelines that need to be met. “The judiciary both creates anew and reshapes old social policy. (Donald E. Chambers and Kenneth R. Wedel. Published by Allyn and Bacon). I found that the YWCA has to only engage in activities related to its mission or purpose.

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“The Association may not engage in any activities that do not further the Mission or its purposes as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and these Bylaws. ” (http://www. cortlandywca. org/pdf/ywcabylaws07. pdf) Some of the laws read were very particular about the dos and don’ts of the organization. The information read shows that these laws put in place definitely influences the organizations decision making day-to-day operations. These changes that the judicial branch make keeps the organization on their toes in making sure they follow guidelines.

The role that the court system or law played in shaping policies that affect the YWCA is pivotal. The courts are very involved in the evaluative process. “The public policy values the court is free to evaluate are related to but independent from the political values which motivated the existence or absence of a statute”. The court system benefits the YWCA tremendously considering they provide shelter and protection from abuse. “Each year the YWCA helps hundreds of individuals obtain protection from abuse orders, and provides victim support in criminal and civil court cases.

The YWCA court advocate provides assistance to victims who are involved in the district court system. ” (http://www. ywcaofwichita. org/program-court-advocacy. htm). Knowing that the court system can not only have a negative impact on the organization but also help women who are in an abusive situation, and get away from whatever the problem is, no matter what her financial situation may be. “Courts can shape and frame social policy in regard to administrative rulings as well as legislation. ” (Donald E. Chambers and Kenneth R. Wedel. Published by Allyn and Bacon).

Reading this passage has help me to realize how the judicial system really affects non-profit organizations or organizations in general. Any organization that meets the guidelines of the judicial system are affected by its policies. Keeping organizations consistent with the court orders ensures the organization effective execution when dealing with clients. Whenever a judicial decision has been made it is important for that organization to be well informed so that there is no discontinuation of the program.

Although the legislative and executive branches are elected by the people, the judicial branch is a presidential pick. It is very important to stick with the policies, and procedures and be prepared for any changes that may arise. Having a preview of how the organization and the government works when it comes to a particular situation helps to help me better prepare for future endeavors. These laws and judicial decisions affect organizations all around the world, it can be a benefit to all, if everyone is well informed on what is going on and what is to come.

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