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The question through the Cartesian world

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The question through the Cartesian world is not in view of doubt simply because of the following reasons. Wax argument priori knowledge can’t be disputed since it’s a true fact that knowledge can be known independently of experience, its arguable, more trustable and it’s a true fact. Its very considerate as in when basing the properties of the wax to our perception, the wax changes as it melts, which is true on shape and size in observation but its weight does not change, hence there is no view of doubt.

On relation to our mind knowledge is priori known more clearly and surely to ourselves than own bodies. If we do understand the wax better with our own minds then it certainly follows that one should know himself/ herself better through the same faculty. However it can be debated from the other aspect when one is involved or committed in a certain party the outside party /spectators depicts the strong and weak points of the involved party more clearly and in details than the one involved.

Empiricism relationship also is not in doubt since it disputed the characteristics such as when wax is liquid or solid, however he didn’t experiment the rate of viscosity of wax on different surfaces but he based the argument basing only one assumption which was weight.

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The relevance towards knowledge was based on one assumption which is experience weakening it as whole. Experiences can only base the survival tactics but not a mandatory for somebody with higher level of Experience should survive because also the ignorant ones are also surviving nowadays.

In conjunction to that the daily experience in definition of knowledge greatly varies depending the environment of exposure and situation undergone in collection of the daily experience. In conclusion only indubitable fact for human beings to be aware of the existence stems as knowledge a s experience definition alone can’t service but can be able to see what is unforeseen.

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