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The New Plant Manager


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THE PROBLEM: How can the company even without Toby Butterfield meet its budget and productivity quotas? IV. OBJECTIVES: 1. To understand why organizational behavior is important in an organization. 2. To know the appropriate attitude of a manager in an organization. 3. To analyze organization behavior from the perspective of learning of an organization. V. AREAS OF CONSIDERATION: 1. The Organizational Behavior Organizational behavior speaks about how an individual or a group of people acts within an organization.

As a plant manager he must consider how to act professionally. He must know how to act the proper organization behavior even though he is the head of the plant. 2. The Newly Assigned Assistant Plant Manager The Montclair Company is having difficulty meeting its budget & production quotas, the main reason why Toby Butterfield was promoted as the new assistant plant manager of the company. 3. The SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Strengths- Butterfield as a new assistant plant supervisor produced a remarkable result in the company’s production quotas in which the productivity quickly exceeded by 7 percent and within five months the plant was within budget. •Weaknesses- Butterfield being ambitious and power-oriented wherein he dismissed three supervisors who had failed to meet their production quotas and as a result five other supervisors resigned. •Opportunities- Promotion to New York home office because of his outstanding record. •Threats- The fall of productivity after Butterfield left the Houston Plant. VI.

ALTERNATIVE COURSES: 1. The remaining employees should plan for what is the best thing to do in order to meet its budget and productivity quotas. Advantages: •They can come up to new ideas to improve their productivity. •They can prove to themselves that even without Butterfield they can still help the company to meet their quotas and budget. •They could gain unity. Disadvantages: •It is not easily for them to meet their quotas and budget for a few moments because it takes time to plan for new ideas. •Planning needs a lot of time in order for it to be implemented to the company. 2.

Even without Butterfield, the company would still adopt the organization behavior of him being power-oriented because it helped a lot the company in meeting its budget and productivity quotas. Advantages: •It is easy for them to cope up with this kind of organization behavior because Butterfield had already ruled them when he was still in the company. •In this way, the company will easily meet their budget and quotas just like few months when Butterfield was still the plant manager of the Houston Plant. •Adopting the said organization behavior would help the employees be more competent. Disadvantages: This may be the reason of some employees to resign because they do not like the way of ruling them. •This can also be the reason of some supervisor-employee issues. •Newly employed employees will have a hard time adjusting with this kind of supervision. 3. Each of the employees must be assigned of their own areas of responsibility to work with in order to help their company meet their budget and production quotas. Advantages: •Each of them can focus to the area in were they are assigned only. •They could help themselves improve the way they handle responsibilities. •They could gain self-confidence in handling responsibilities.

Disadvantages: •They will not have company unity. •This may be the reason of some employee conflicts because the work of the other did not complement to the work of others. •This may be result of the delay of work because some may not meet the target time of passing the reports. VII. RECOMMENDATION: Based on the situation given the best alternative the company must use is the alternative no. 2, adopting the organization behavior of Butterfield that is being power-oriented because it is a big helps to the company. Because of this, it is easy for the company to meet their budget and productivity quotas.

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