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The meaning of beauty essay

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I believe that beauty Is In the eye of the beholder. What one person would consider a flaw; another might think it an adorable quirk. Since no one is Identical, this means there's no true definition of beauty. It's all based on our perception. First of all, the way we perceive beauty Is affected largely by the media. Growing up In a heavily media Influenced culture; many people believe that being beautiful Is synonymous to being "hot".

In movies, the ugly" girl rarely ever "gets the guy'. The way television portrays beauty Is wrong, and hurtful, because It reinforces the Idea that to be beautiful, you must be attractive. Beauty Is more than Just skin deep. The word "beautiful" encompasses the mind and soul of a person, not Just their body and face. Regardless, people may argue that the meaning of beauty Is Ingrained In us biologically. What we find "naturally attractive" helps us define who an Ideal mate would be.

But now that the arrival of our race doesn't depend on our reproduction, we can redefine the definition of beauty to suit our psychological needs. People have ruined their health and taken unnecessary risks, since they're willing to do whatever it takes to be "beautiful. " In conclusion, saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder would embrace the fact that there are infinite definitions for this word. For this reason, I celebrate that beauty is more than what is merely on the outside.

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The meaning of beauty essay essay

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