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The Louvre

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With a surface of 210,000 m2 of them are devoted to exhibitions. This museum holds 35,000 masterpieces and eight different collections. To be able to visit the entire museum I had to go several times and take over from where I left. What really fascinated me and grab my attention is the Egyptian antiquity section. I was charmed about this because it had all the details about the volution and life style of this wonderful and fascinating culture and civilization.

I'm personally very interested in studying the Egyptian civilization and knowing all the aspect of this culture and this exhibition gathered all the necessary information that I needed and I asked to have. The evolution of this civilization was in front of me in the same place. It was a dream that became a reality. I had all the tools that they used In their dally lives In front of me, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was watching their dresses and their makeup and Jewelry.

I was fascinated about their Inventions and creations that Inspired us and still Inspiring us till today. The Department of Egyptian Antiquities at the Louvre museum houses a major Egyptologlcal collections of the world with 50,000 rooms. This section covered every single detail about this amazing people. The collection covers all periods of ancient Egyptian civilization since the time of Nagada to the Roman and Coptic Egypt. Among the most famous exhibits found at the time of Nagada knife Gebel el-Arak and the range of hunting.

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The major piece of art illustrating the time thinite is the stele of King Snake. Among all exposed sarcophagi, one finds that of Dioscorides, a Greek general during the reign of Ptolemy VI who decided to be buried according to ancient Egyptian local customs, choosing to do make a sarcophagus. This proved the power of this civilization and how It Influenced others clvlllzatlons. I also liked the Islamic art section since It's about my religion.

The Department of Islamic Art from the Louvre, stablished in August 2003, brings together the collections from an area between Spain and India, dating from the origins of Islamic civilization (622) until the nineteenth century. This department includes several gems of Islamic art: the al- Pyxis Mughira an ivory box dated Spanish 968, the flat peacock, an important Ottoman ceramics, especially the baptistery of St. Louis, one of the most famous pieces and most enigmatic of all Islamic art, created by Muhammad ibn al-Zayn the early fourteenth century.

Since 22 September 2012, Islamic art are exhibited at the Louvre in the Cour Visconti. This space allows the display of 3000 works from the collections of the Louvre, but also the Mus©e des Arts d©coratifs. It is remarkable how this section take place under a canopy with undulating shapes, recalling from the architects Marlo Belllnl and Rudy Ricclottl a "dragonfly wing" or a "flying carpet". Vlsltlng this museum was a very enriching and fascinating experience where I learned a lot of new things about the civilization that I'm most passionate about and my own rellglon

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