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The Limits of Human Power.

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Home > globalism > The Limits of Human Power The Limits of Human Power Monday 5 September 2011Ed HurstLeave a commentGo to comments Current plans to take over the world will fail, as usual. It’s offered as some key piece of evidence, something never before seen: NWO Plans EXPOSED by Insider in 1969. Actually, it’s one several such exposes I’ve seen over the years. For example, if you read John Taylor Gatto’s reports, you’ll realize some of these plans were formalized before the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Keep reading back, and you’ll find plenty of documentation of such thinking all the way back into the 1700s. It would seem we are still chugging along the trajectory established back there by the Rothschild family (actually the name was Bauer). I’m not sure how much control they maintain over the whole enterprise, and I tend to think they are hardly the only ones involved. I’ve said often I’m convinced there is some division of interests up in that stratosphere of human rule. There seems to me more than one plan for global rule, though I’m pretty sure they all arose from the original thread started by that family.

But if you trace the thinking espoused by Amschel Bauer’s writing and reports of his thoughts, you realize it goes back even farther. In other words, it’s been around since humans began recording anything at all. It doesn’t take much to discover a long list of worthy efforts which didn’t quite make it. We now read them as empires of history, though some come through in highly garbled and questionable accounts. For example, the most dubious chronology today is that of Ancient Egypt. While most people agree on a working assumption about it, those who really understand it admit there is much room for debate.

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But the one thing no one questions is the firm belief these people had in their destiny to rule all humanity. So the current run at this global rule seems to be somewhat fragmented. That is, the really big shots involved are having trouble keeping themselves on the same sheet of music. The linked article recounting a speech by Dr. Day is one thread of this story; I’ve seen material suggesting conflicting goals. There is a huge overlap, though. Certain elements are recognizable in both fiction and factual reports, because they represent borrowed wisdom from ancient attempts and failures.

The whole point behind the Social Sciences, which includes History, is a broad attempt to understand human nature. What seems to be a point of limited debate between the plutocrats is the best way to take control. Even bigger is the disparity between the apparent reasons why they want it. In the theology to which I adhere, the Devil offers varying lures to anyone who can be suckered into wanting such power. His own objectives are incomprehensible, but certain patterns do come through. One of them is the lust for causing human misery in general. In this, the plutocrats are making great progress right now.

But another pattern is the assurance any measure of success in holding such great power will be short lived. It seems people can be harnessed to some grand vision with all manner of cynical brilliance about human foibles, and keep that wisdom alive across several generations, but when they are on the verge of gaining what they seem to seek, they somehow lose their hunger, lose their sharp sense of situational awareness. Something else kicks in and they do something stupid, and the Devil gets to laugh at his suckers. The whole thing comes apart and somebody else gets to start the cycle afresh.

I’m pretty sure we haven’t hit the break point yet. Whomever is currently working to gain that universal power is still hungry, still pretty sharp, but the flies are buzzing around the cauldron. One or two have already fallen into the mix. It’s not going to turn out quite as they hope, but they’re too far into it to change directions much. The problem for them is, you can’t see this very clearly unless you disentangle yourself, divest yourself of any real interest in the whole thing. By no means is my intelligence in their league, but I simply don’t place much value on this level of existence.

I’m hardly alone in this, but I do find myself pretty lonely, in that there aren’t that many of us. I’m not sure any of us can explain it, but the mere awareness itself somehow works to weaken this vast dark cloud of evil hovering over our heads. We aren’t blind, just not worried, and we refuse to contribute any fear energy to the process. A part of my weirdo theology indicates Satan’s power is affected by the level of fear he can create, and when people begin to lose that fear, even if only a few people, his efforts run out of gas.

His only real power over us is our willingness to accept his story; when you become skeptical of it, the effect is somewhat more than mere counting of noses, but is exponential. That’s because the truth reflected by such skepticism is simply far more powerful. The simple truth in the minds of just a few that life on this plane is not the real story is enough to weaken the whole plan. In the midst of my holy cynicism and skepticism is a very high confidence God can and does show at least as much to others as He does me. I don’t award myself a very high rank, as it were, in this wisdom.

I’ve brushed up against too many who were way ahead of me. But the very moral fabric which rules this universe responds to just a little truth in the mix, and my faith is richly rewarded. I’m watching, along with others, as this whole big plan or global rule starts coming apart just as it seems successful. Things are altogether ugly right now, with a broad, fat layer of misery resting on humanity as a whole. It’s a lot worse than it has to be; anyone can see that. But there is a significant trend of suckers becoming unstuck from the big lies.

People can be pretty smart when they want to be, and I’m watching a trend of folks waking up, if only partially. While their efforts will mostly be aimed at the wrong things, insofar as I can estimate, their awareness alone is making a powerful difference they probably can’t quite see. The divine principle here is God rewards a good desire by making things work out to our good in the end. This is my Father’s world, and He gets the final say in things. It won’t matter how much or how well we understand that, only that we live as best we can accordingly.

This is just another round at the Tower of Babel, and it will end the same as before, in mass confusion. About these ads [pic][pic] [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic]Share this: • Print • Email • Facebook • Digg • LinkedIn • StumbleUpon • Reddit • Twitter • Google +1 • Pinterest • Tumblr • Like this: Like Loading... Categories: globalismTags: government, oppression, propaganda, religion [pic]Comments (0)Trackbacks (0)Leave a commentTrackback 1. No comments yet. 1. No trackbacks yet. Leave a Reply

The Limits of Human Power. essay

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