The Invention of Wings

What is Hetty Grinke’s nickname?
Sewing, curtains, petticoats, quilts, etc.
At what craft is Hetty’s mother particularly skilled?
For her ? birthday, Sarah gets her own bedroom
Sarah witnesses a slave being whipped
The slave’s dress is yellow but the back begins to become red from the blood
The blood looks like flower petals, roses
Seeing this event causes Sarah to run away from home to not speak for a week:
Handful as her personal slave/maid
What gift does Sarah receive for her birthday?
Sarah said she could not accept
She felt she did not need a slave of her own
How does Sarah react to this gift?
Sarah goes to the library
What does Sarah do during the night, which she is normally banned from doing?
A legal manumission document hoping to set Hetty free
What does Sarah sign and leave for her father to see?
Missus took a gold-tip cane and hit Hetty on the back of her head
How is Hetty punished for causing the smoke in Sarah’s room and the potential for a fire?
her father
Who tore up the document that Sarah wrote which freed Hetty?
Sarah would ring her bell as a warning
What does Sarah do to alert Hetty that Missus is coming?
What is the name of Hetty’s mother?
That she will help her anyway she can to get Hetty free
What promise does Sarah make to Hetty’s mother?
A spool of scarlet thread
What does Hetty steal from Sarah’s room?
Emerald silk
What does Mauma steal?
The alphabet
What does Sarah teach the slave children to do?
One-legged punishment
wind a leather tie around the ankle, pulled that foot behind and hitched tie around the neck, if the ankle drops, the tie chokes the neck
How is Mauma punished?
She gathered curatives and headed for Charlotte
She remembered Rosetta’s punishment
Furious at her mother
How does Sarah react when she discovers how Charlotte was punished?
A white man named John Paul
Who was Mauma’s daddy?
A field slave named Shanney
Who was Handful’s father?
How to read
What does Sarah begin teaching Hetty?
A lawyer
What does Sarah want to be when she grows up?
A limp
Mauma is allowed to do all the sewing in her room after she comes down with this:
It fills with water and turns into mud due to the hurricane
What happens to Mauma’s room?
She is not allowed to enter the library ever again
She may not use any books in the library
She may not use any books anywhere except those for her studies
She may not study any subjects other those approved by her tutor
No more Latin lessons with her brother (not write, speak or compose it)
How does father punish Sarah when he learns that Sarah taught Hetty to read and write?
One lash of a strap
How is Hetty punished?
She has Hetty write a note saying she can travel
How does Mauma take advantage of Hetty’s ability to write?
A domestic servant badge (fake)
What does Mauma get in order to illegally hire herself out for more work?
She wishes to be the new baby’s godmother
What request does Sarah make to her mother when her mother is giving birth?
A spirit tree
Hetty want to make this:
At what age does Sarah enter society and start looking for a husband
Angelina, aka: Nina
What is the name of Sarah’s younger sister?
taught her he about the evils of slavery
What does Sarah teach her sister, “From the days she was in the crib?”
Sarah plowed headlong into a slave who spilled drinks on Mr. Burke’s trousers
They were taken to be dried off and they introduced themselves
How does Sarah meet Mr. Burke
What is the name of the new footman the Grimke’s hire when Snow dies?
You sat in it rather than stand over it and you were completely immersed with water, copper
What is special about the Grimke’s bathtub
A silvershop
What type of shop does John’s father own?
A lock of her hair
What does Burke want from Sarah when they part?
How much money were Hetty and her mother, Charlotte, worth?
Taking a bath in the family bathtub
What does Sarah catch Hetty doing?
Denmark Vesey
What is the name of Mauma’s new boyfriend?
If he may be her fiance
What does Burke ask Sarah in the letter he gives her?
Impeachment charges to remove him from court
What trouble is Sarah’s father facing?
Mauma is pregnant
At the end of the chapter, the author indicates this about Mauma:
Burke has other fiances
What does Sarah discover about Burke?
Thomas called off the engagement on her behalf
Why does Sarah get angry at Thomas?
Handful wore it in her pouch almost everyday since
She gave it back to Sarah after her failed engagement
What did Handful do with the button after Sarah tossed it out?
Charlotte wouldn’t move out of the way for a white woman
Charlotte then swung her basket, hitting the woman, causing her to fall
Why is Charlotte arrested?
She escaped
What happened to Mauma after she was arrested?
Sarah would not marry
She would give herself to God
What vow does Sarah make to herself concerning marriage?
Mauma’s quilt squares
What does Handful find in the trunk?
Sarah cannot easily sell Hetty. To whom does Sarah give Hetty?
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Handful decides to go to this place so that she can see Denmark Vessey and possibly hear about what happened to Mauma?
What does nina refuse, which makes her mother furious?
The Guard House
Where are the members of the African church taken after they are charged with disorderly conduct?
The Work House
Where is Hetty sent because her owner won’t pay the fine?
her foot
What part of Handful’s body did she injure on the treadmill?
Go Away
What does Handful say when Sarah goes to see her?
Where is Sarah supposed to accompany her father?
He took her cane, which used to be Mauma’s, and he whittled it to Handful’s size and carved the handle into a rabbit head
What does Goodis do for Handful?
The numbers on Denmark Vessey’s lottery card which bought his freedom
What does the # 1884 stand for?
Sea air
What does Dr. Physick prescribe to help Sarah’s father feel better?
Father admits to Sarah that he has come to Long Beach to do this?
Susan took Mauma’s red scarf and gave her a brown one because the guards would be looking for a woman with a red one
How did Susan help Mauma?
A slave poacher stole her and sold her off somewhere
What happened to Mauma?
Israel Morris
What is the name of the Quaker Sarah meets aboard the ship?
Mrs. Grimke will choose any six slaves she wants and the rest she will sell or disperse amongst the family
What did Master Grimke say in his will about the slaves?
Her mother stole her letters to Israel
Why does Sarah become furious with her mother?
his wife passed away
What “grave and sorrowful” news does Israel Morris give to Sarah in his letter?
Go north
What does the “inner voice”tell Sarah to do?
What did father leave for Sarah that will help her with this?
for fear Sarah has consumption, cough
Mother makes up this reason to explain Sarah’s reason for going North:
Israel is a widower which means that Sarah living with him is scandalous. She also does not like that Sarah will be a tutor
What is Mother’s problem with Sarah going North?
her mother’s necklace
What does Becky give to Sarah, which later gets Sarah in trouble with Catherine?
draftees (names of slaves willing to fight for freedom)
What does Denmark keep in the Book?
inside a quilt
Where does Hetty hide the list?
she fainted
What happens to Henrietta when Handful shows her her injured foot?
strikes them with a cane
What does Missus do to punish slaves?
because she is an unmarried woman living in the house of a widower (must remain in good taste)
Why does catherine say Sarah must move out?
Lucretia Mott
What is the name of the Quaker woman who volunteers to let Sarah stay with her?
A bullet mold
What does Handful volunteer to steal for Denmark?
Return home
What does Sarah decide to do after receiving nina’s letter?
City Arsenal
Where does Handful go to steal the bullet mold?
What religious group does Sarah officially join before leaving Philadelphia?
slave revolt
What is the rumor going around the city?
They will be arrested and whipped
What is the punishment for any black person who mourns Denmark Vessey in public?
Who returns?
her daughter, Sky
Who comes with this person?
Quaker minister
Lucretia Mott encourages Sarah that she can become a:
sell her in the spring
What does Missus plan to do with Sky?
Reverend William McDowell
Nina has a crush on this man:
She wants to continue with the ministry and she does not believe she can be like Rebecca
Why is Sarah conflicted when Israel asks her to be his wife?
In the red and black quilt (first one Handful made)
Where did Mauma hide the money they’d been saving to buy their freedom?
What was Sarah’s answer to Israel’s proposal?
to leave the Church
she wants to be a Quaker
What does nina decide to do when Rev. McDowell refuses to speak publicly against slavery?
her nervousness about speaking
What is keeping Sarah from becoming a minister?
Mary and nine slaves
Who comes to live at the plantation?
Who dies?
They sat on the Negro pew
What rebellious act do Sarah and Nina do at the Church?
She says she and her mother are fully part of it
how does Sarah Mapps react?
Nina wrote a letter to William Lloyd Garrison and it was published in The Liberator
What does Nina do that gets her in trouble?
What does Sky sprinkle on Mauma’s grave to help send her spirit to Africa?
Sarah Mapps home
Where do Sarah and Nina go to live when they are expelled from Catherine’s house?
Iron muzzle latched on her mouth
What is Sky’s punishment for singing the song about Mary?
What does Handful trade for Sarah’s pamphlet?
They will be arrested and imprisoned until they can be sent North
What will happen to Sarah and Nina if they are seen in Charleston again?
Theodore Weld
Who is Nina’s new love interest?
Mrs. Whittier
With whom do Sarah and Nina stay when they aren’t on their lecturing tour.
womens rights/reform
What issue do Elizor Wright, Theodore Weld, and John Greenleaf, Whittier not want Sarah and Nina to talk about?
Little missus said she would burn Mauma’s quilt
What causes Handful to want to run away?
Who does nina marry?
live with nina and Theo on a farm
What will happen to sarah when nina gets married?
Missus mourning dresses
What does Handful steal to help her and Sky escape?
She will free them both upon her death
What does Mother say she’ll do concerning Hetty and Sky?
put on the mourning dresses and travel with Sarah
How do Sky and Handful escape the plantation?
What do they use to disguise their skin color?

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