The Impossible Knife of Memory – Laurie Halse Anderson

Knife-What did Hayley have to write in detention on the first page?
“I will not be disrespectful to Mr. Diaz”
Knife-What did the kids on the bus think the reason half of the lights were not working was?
A plot to make them go blind
Knife-What kinds of people are there in this world?
Zombies and freaks
Knife-What had Hayley actually written by the end of her detention?
“Correcting a teachers mistake is not a sign of disrespect”
Knife-Why does Hayley wear headphones but not play music?
She needed to hear the world but didn’t want the world to know she was listening
Knife-How would the guys size her up downtown?
female, young, five foot eleven-ish, one-sixty
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Knife-What was her last defensive option when walking past the two stoned dudes?
The empty bottle of Old Crow Whiskey, broken into a weapon
Knife- What had hayley’s father asked her over and over again while they were moving in?
“Are you sure you don’t remember, Hayley Rose?”
Knife-who was Hayley’s first friend after she moved into her house?
Knife- What did Hayley check for when she got home?
Checked the hood, and the odometer of her dads car
Knife-Why did her dad spray air freshener?
So she wouldn’t know he smoked weed
Knife-what is there dogs name?
Knife-What does Hayley’s dad call her?
Knife-what is Gracie’s boyfriends name?
Topher, Christopher Barnes
Knife- what does Hayley say the definition of denotation is?
When a plot blows up, a noun that describes the action of a student refusing to take notes during class
Knife- what question freaked Hayley out when Gracie and her were looking at the photos album when she first moved?
If she still likes peanut and banana sandwiches
Knife- what does Hayley call Finn before she knows his name?
The new guy
Knife- what is Gracie’s last name?
Knife- what did Finn yell when he saw there mascot, that Hayley was also gonna say?
“All hail the demon overlords!”
Knife- what is there school mascot and name?
Marty, Belmont machinists
Knife- how do the honor society officers start their day?
A little weed to melt there worries
Knife- who is the first counselor Hayley talks too?
Ms. Benedetti
Knife- what does Hayley think of people that announce that they are trustworthy?
That they deserve to be lied to
Knife- what does Hayley only respond to during counseling?
Only questions
Knife- what does her father probably suffer from?
Severe ptsd
Knife- what does Hayley think of her stepmother?
That she’s a scum sucking idiot, cheating alchoholoc ******* who can’t open her mouth without lying
Knife- what was Hayley’s stepmothers name?
Knife- what is the librarians name?
Ms. Burkey
Knife- how much were the brownies and candies at the bakesale?
1$,2$ respectfully
Knife- what did Brandon say to Hayley when she told him to love?
Sit on my face
Knife- What pass he did melody byrd read in Hayley’s English class?
Circe trying to bewitch Odysseus
Knife- who does Hayley ask to give her a ride home after she has a panic attack thinking about her stepmother and her father?
Knife- what does Finn call Hayley?
Miss blue
Knife- what is Finns full name?
Finnegan trouble Ramos
Knife- when Finn and Hayley are driving home what was the right question she should have asked according to Finn?
Why did she fall asleep?
Knife- what does Hayley think of finns driving?
He’s to slow and precautions, a rule follower
Knife- what does Finn say that Hayley’s says makes him sound like a dweeb
Knife- what is the fake story that Hayley tells Finn to tell the cop if he gets pulled over?
That he doesn’t know her, she bummed a ride from him and the Byrne Dairy parking lot, he was taking her to the bus station but she vanguard her mind
Knife- what are the theee words she uses when she feels threatened to make a plan?
Threat, assess, action
Knife- what did Hayley’s dad start to whistle that assures her he wasn’t dead?
Hotel California by the eagles
Knife- How many times did Hayley have to write “I will not be disrespectful to Mr. Diaz” in detention?
500 times
Knife- What was the name of the book that is forbidden at Belmont high that Hayley was reading in detention?
Slaughterhouse Five
Knife- Who are the 2 kinds of people in this world?
Knife- How many times did Hayley write, “Correcting a teachers mistake is not a sign of respect” in detention?
109 times
Knife- How many miles did Hayley have to walk home from school?
4 miles
Knife- How many guys were leaning against the church when Hayley walked home?
Knife- What was the 3 plans Hayley thought of if the 2 guys grabbed her?
1. shove them against the way and run like hell
2. Run toward the Albany bus
3. Smash the empty bottle of old whiskey and use it as a weapon
Knife- What is Hayley’s full name?
Hayley Rose Kincain
Knife- What was the girls name that lived down the street from Hayley and brought a basket of muffins and a tuna noodle casserole?
Knife- How many locks were on the door of Hayley’s house?
Knife- Hayley’s house smelled of what 4 things when she walked in?
1. dog
2. cigarette smoke
3. bacon grease
4. air freshner
Knife- Who was the detention monitor when Hayley was in detention?
Mr. Randolph
Knife- What was Gracie’s boyfriend’s name and what was his nickname?
Christopher Barnes
Knife- Who did Hayley help with Spanish vocabulary at lunch?
Knife- What was the only memory Hayley had of kindergarten?
when she peed her pants during nap time
Knife- What color is Hayley’s hair?
electric blue
Knife- What was Hayley’s nickname that Finn always called her?
Miss Blue
Knife- What was the Belmont High mascot?
a machinist
Knife- What was the name of the list shown on the TV of people who had to report to the principal?
Doom List
Knife- What was the name of the secretary in the school counselors room?
Knife- What is the trick to surviving an interrogation?
Knife- How many times did Hayley have detention since school started?
Knife- Who was Hayley’s precalc tracher?
Mr. Cleveland
Knife- Why was Mrs. Benedetti trying to call Hayley’s dad?
to invite him to the veterans day assembly
Knife- Who did Hayley live with when she was 6 till she was 12?
her stepmother
Knife- What was Hayley’s setpmother’s name?
Knife- What did Mrs. Benedetti give Hayley before she left the counseling office?
a sealed envelope
Knife- When does the club one world (genocide awareness) meet?
Wednesday room 304
Knife- Who was the sealed envelope from?
Knife- Who was sitting in Hayley’s usual seat when she walked in to English class?
Knife- Why did Hayley want her usual seat in the back row, center aisle?
she had a view of the door
and a wall to lean against
Knife- Who did Hayley ask to drive her home in the middle of the school day?
Knife- Why did Hayley need to go home fast after she found out Trish called the counselors office?
because her dad was sick
Knife- What is Finn’s full name?
Finnegan Ramos
Knife- Why did Hayley tell Finn to drive faster to her house?
because he was driving too slow
Knife- What kind of car pulled up behind Finn while he was taking Hayley home?
Cop car
Knife- How many times did Finn check his mirrors when he was taking Hayley home?
Knife- What word did Finn say that makes him sound like a dweeb?
Knife- What is the name of Hayley’s dog?
Knife- What song was Hayley’s dad whistling to when he was fixing his truck?
Hotel California by the Eagles
Knife- What sport did Hayley’s dad play with Mrs. Beneditti’s brother in high school?
Knife- When Mrs. Benedetti called Hayley’s father at work, what did his manager say?
that he quit
Knife- What was Hayley’s father’s answer when she asked him about parting in the quarry?
that it was boring
Knife- What deal did Hayley make with her dad so she wouldn’t go to school?
make mac and cheese every night for a year if he lets her quit school
Knife- What time did Gracie text her the day Finn took Hayley home from school?
11:30 am? pm?
Knife- What was Trish arrested for?
drunk driving
Knife- What smell was the candle that Hayley lit in her room?
Knife- Where did Hayley’s dad buy the hunting knife he gave her?
Knife- What did Hayley do with the letter from Trish that the counselor gave her?
burned it
Knife- Who does Finn babysit?
Greene twins
Knife- Why was Finn bugging Gracie for Hayley’s number?
she promised him an article
Knife- Why was there a long line to the café tena?
it was taco day
Knife- What did Finn write on Hayley’s arm with a sharpie?
his email
Knife- Why didn’t Belmont High have gym teachers?
fired them all to save money
Knife- What did Hayley have to write about in her article?
resources in the library
Knife- Why was their newspaper and brushes and rags stained with barrel oil on the dining room table?
cleaning his guns
Knife- What were the 3 kinds of guns Hayley’s dad owned?
Knife- What were the 3 ideas that popped into Hayley’s head when she woke up late and missed her bus for school?
1. walk
2. Dad drive her
3. stay home
Knife- Who picked Hayley up when she missed the bus for school?
Knife- What day did Finn pick Hayley up for school when she missed her bus?
Knife- What color are Finn’s eyes?
Knife- What basic car maintenance skill does Finn not know how to do?
check the oil
Knife- How many rides did Finn give Hayley in one week?
Knife- What is the deal Finn make with Hayley so she would write her article?
He would do her math homework
Knife- Why did Hayley’s health class turn into a study hall?
teacher was sick
Knife- Why did Ms. Neff give Hayley and Sasha extra points for their pinyin homework in Chinese class?
only ones who did it
Knife- When did Hayley’s dad come home after getting milk and bread?
after midnight
Knife- Who was the tutor Mr. Cleveland arranged for Hayley in math?
Knife- What percentage did Hayley get on her math test?
Knife- If Hayley didn’t do the tutoring with Finn, what was Mr. Cleveland going to do?
call her dad
Knife-What did Finn think Hayley should do about the newspaper?
do a regular opinion column
Knife- What is the deal Finn made so Hayley can do the article for the football game?
he will pay her $15
Knife- What did Finn write on the top of Hayley’s math problem sheet in the library?
his phone number
Knife- What did Hayley think about when she was riding the bus home school before the football game?
a long ice cold shower
Knife- When Hayley came home from school, why was there 2 pickups, SUV, a jeep, and 3 motorcycles in her driveway?
dad’s military friends visited
Knife- Who did Hayley’s dad serve with in the army?
Roy Pinkney
Knife- What name has Hayley’s dad never said out loud?
Knife- How many deviled eggs did Hayley make for Roy and all the other soldiers at her house?
3 dozen
Knife- How many kinds of ice cream were in the cooler for the soldiers?
Knife- How much did Hayley have to pay to get into the football game?
4 bucks
Knife- What color were the students wearing from Belmont High at the football game?
Knife- What colors were the students from Richardson Ravens wearing at the football game?
black and silver
Knife- Why didn’t Finn do the article on the football game?
he had a date
Knife- What was Finn’s role in the newspaper?
editor and sports columnist
Knife- How old is Finn?
Knife- Why did Finn lead Hayley up on the hill?
to meet his date
Knife- Who was Finn on a date with?
Knife- How long did Finn and Hayley lay down to hide from the security guard?
10 minutes
Knife- What did Hayley call her date with him?
an anti-date
Knife- What did Hayley and Finn eat on their date?
hamburgers and fires
Knife-What was the end result of the football game?
Belmont lost
Knife- Who is Michael?
Hayley’s dad’s weed dealer
Knife- What did Roy and the other soldiers make in Hayley’s backyard?
a bonfire
Knife- What did Hayley’s dad make for breakfast for his soldier buddies?
bacon and eggs
Knife- What was Roy trying to convince Hayley’s dad to do?
go with them to the cabin in the mountains
Knife- What is Hayley’s dad’s full name?
Andrew Kincain
Knife- What 2 jobs did Hayley’s dad have when they moved back?
insurance company
cable company
Knife- What month is Hayley’s birthday?
Knife- What time was it when Andrew had beer by the bonfire?
Knife- What did Finn text Hayley the next day after their anti-date?
if she wanted to go to Paris
Knife- Why did Andrew get mad at Hayley by the bonfire?
kept throwing rocks into the fire
Knife- What happens to sedimentary rocks when they are thrown into fire?
they explode
Knife- Who was texting Finn when she was by the bonfire with her dad?
Knife- Why did Hayley’s dad throw her phone into the bonfire?
annoyed with the text messages
Knife- What did Hayley’s dad almost do at the bonfire?
almost hit Hayley
Knife- What present did Andrew give Hayley to apologize for getting mad at her?
a new phone
Knife- How many people saw Hayley at the football game?
Knife- Who won the football game?
Richardson Ravens
Knife- Why was Gracie mad at school?
parents got into a fight
Knife- What advice did Finn give to Topher at school?
find Gracie and comfort her
Knife- What is the total of number of articles the school newspaper have?
Knife- How many people are working on the school newspaper?
Knife- What division were the soldiers in at the bonfire at Hayley’s house?
Knife- Why was there a group of girls guarding the bathroom door?
so no one goes inside
Knife- When did Hayley get a new phone after her old one was destroyed?
Knife- How many stall doors have been removed in the girls’ bathroom?
Knife- Why was Gracie crying in the girls bathroom?
her dad cheated on her mom
Knife- Who is Garret?
Gracie’s little brother
Knife- How did Gracie’s little brother Garret react to their parents divorce?
he puked and hid in the closet
Knife- Why did Hayley have to go to St. Anthony’s Nursing home and Care Center after school?
service hours
Knife- How many hours did Hayley need for Community service?
4 hours
Knife- Who was Hayley playing cards with at the Nursing home?
Knife- What game was Gracie organizing while Hayley played cards with Doris at the Nursing home?
Knife- Who was Doris asking for in the Nursing Home?
her sister
Knife- What was the name of Doris’s sister?
Knife- Why did parents not want their kids to go to the Quarry?
because someone jumps and kills themselves there every couple of years
Knife- What did Gracie and her mom have a fight about?
she didn’t make her bed in the morning
Knife- What did Gracie’s grandma die of?
Knife- When did Gracie’s Grandpa die?
a week after her grandma died
Knife- Why did Hayley ask her father to go to the cemetery?
to find out where her grandma is buried
Knife- How many small headstones were next to Sarah D. at the cemetery?
Knife- What does Hayley’s dad call when the sun is below the horizon but still light enough to see?
civil twilight
Knife- Who else was buried next to Hayley’s grandma at the cemetery?
her mom
Knife- Where is Hayley’s grandpa buried?
in Arlington
Knife- What is Gloaming?
the time of day between half light and dark
Knife- Who eventually always picks Hayley up in the morning for school?
Knife- What did Hayley do instead of going to school grades 7-11?
rode with her dad traveling
Knife- Why didn’t Garrett want to go to school?
because his father moved out of the house
Knife- What game did Hayley play instead of studying for her Chinese vocabulary quiz?
Skulkrusher 3
Knife-Why did Hayley and Finn meet at the library every day after school
for preclac tutoring
Knife- What day did Hayley have detention with Mr. Diaz?
Knife- What word did Kyle think was the same as pedophile in Mr. Diaz’s class?
Knife- Why did Hayley kick her locker after detention?
her locker wouldn’t open
Knife- How was Finn flirting with Hayley on Friday after detention?
By using Calculus terms
Knife- Who asked Hayley out on a date on Friday after detention?
Knife- Where did Hayley want to go on her date with Finn?
The Quarry
Knife- How tall was the fence at the Quarry?
10 ft
Knife- Why was Finn worried at the quarry?
because Hayley started climbing the mountain edge
Knife- Why were there ghosts at the quarry?
because people kill themselves there and workers from a mine died there
Knife- What is Finn scared of?
Knife- What is Hayley scared of?
Knife- How far was Finn from the edge of the quarry cliff?
a meter
Knife- What part of being on a swim team did Finn not like?
the coach
Knife- Why did Finn quit the swimming team?
the coach made swimming not fun
Knife- How far can Finn swim underwater?
35 yards
Knife- Where did Finn want to go to college?
Knife- What kind of ice cream did Hayley have at Friendly’s Ice Cream shop?
Knife- Where does Finn’s dad work as a consultant?
Knife- Where did Finn and his family live before they moved to town?
Knife- When Finn parked on Hayley’s driveway to drop her off at her house, who was standing by the car door with an axe?
Hayley’s dad
Knife- Why did Gracie want Hayley to sleepover at her house?
so she wouldn’t be alone with her mom
Knife- Who did Gracie’s little brother Garrett live with?
his dad
Knife- Who was Gracie living with?
her mom
Knife- What order was Gracie and Garrett’s school pictures arranged?
Knife- What did Hayley do after she and Gracie baked chocolate chip cookies?
she washed dishes
Knife- What did the house smell like after Gracie and Hayley baked cookies?
a bakery
Knife- What kind of medication did Gracie’s parents put her on in 5th grade?
ADD meds
Knife- Where did Gracie want to go during spring break?
Fort Lauderdale
Knife- Why did Gracie’s mom wake up Gracie and Hayley early Sunday morning?
so they could go to church
Knife- What is the entry code that opened the garage door to Gracie’s house?
Knife- What did the living room of Hayley’s house smell like when she came back Sunday morning?
chicken wings and pizza
Knife- When did Hayley give up on being a vegetarian?
2 years ago
Knife-Why did Hayley’s dad want to call the cemetery?
to see how much the special vases cost
Knife- Why did Hayley’s dad blackout?
he was drunk
Knife- What did Hayley find in the refrigerator when she was going to make a snack?
stack of mail
Knife- Who wrote the letter to Hayley that she found in a stack of mail inside the refrigerator?
Knife- How many holes did each ceiling tile have in the library that Hayley had counted?
Knife- Who was Hayley’s history teacher?
Mr. Diaz
Knife- Who sat next to Hayley on the bus?
Knife- What did Hayley’s dad have on his shirt and pants when he drove Hayley to the basketball court?
Knife- What 2 colors of paint did Hayley’s dad have on his shirt and pants?
yellow and dark blue
Knife- What kind of job does Tom Russel do?
Knife- How long did it take Hayley’s dad to paint the kitchen and laundry room?
5 hours
Knife- How many times did Finn text Hayley while she was at the basketball court?
5 times
Knife- What did Finn ask Hayley as they were going to gym class?
if Hayley could go with him to see a college
Knife- Where did Hayley find the basketball?
under an SUV
Knife- How far is Swevenbury college?
183 miles
Knife- Who set up Finn’s interview at Oneonta College?
his mom
Knife- What did Swevenbury College look like?
looked like Hogwarts
Knife- When was the next tour group in Swevenbury after Hayley and Finn missed the first one?
after lunch
Knife- Who has never visited a college before?
Knife- Why didn’t Finn and Hayley need a tour guide at Swevenbury College?
Finn memorized where everything was
Knife- What did Hayley and Finn have for lunch at Swevenbury?
subs, chocolate milk, and peanut butter cookie
Knife- What did Finn ask the admissions receptionist?
if he could have an interview
Knife- What did Hayley give Ms. Benedetti as a souvenir from Swevenbury?
Swevenbury Owls pencils
Knife- Who was Hayley’s drill partner in Chinese?
Knife- What was Finn dressed as for Halloween?
Sherlock Homes
Knife- What was the principal dressed as for Halloween?
a spider
Knife- Why were Gracie, Topher, and Finn picking Hayley up on Halloween?
to go Trick or Treating
Knife- What was the chorus teacher dressed as for Halloween?
Knife- What did Ms. Benedetti offer to Hayley in a orange bowl?
Candy Corn
Knife- What was Ms. Benedetti dressed as for Halloween?
Knife- Where did Hayley keep the vacuum cleaner?
her closet
Knife- What did Gracie’s parent’s therapist threaten to do if they don’t get back together?
to quit
Knife- Who was Hayley’s dad having over for dinner on Halloween?
Knife- Who was Garret dressed as for Halloween?
Iron man
Knife- Why did Hayley go back to her house after Trick or Treating?
to get her sweats
Knife- Who was having dinner with Hayley’s dad on Halloween?
Knife- What costume was Hayley dressed as for Halloween?
a bird
Knife- What did Andy’s breath smell like?
apple pie and whiskey
Knife- Where did Hayley go instead of going to Gracie’s house for Halloween?
the bus station
Knife- Who convinced Hayley to go to his house instead of the bus station?
Knife- Who was not a boy scout?
Knife- When is Finn’s mother going to move out?
after he graduates
Knife- What did Finn cook Hayley for breakfast?
Bacon and pancakes
Knife- What shape was the bottle of maple syrup that Finn poured on the pancakes?
leaf shaped
Knife- Where was Finn’s family from?
New Hampshire
Knife- Who showed up at Finn’s house drunk?
Topher and Gracie
Knife- Why was there a big mirror on the floor with a candle in Finn’s living room?
Hayley and Finn were going to see dead people
Knife- What day of the year can you see dead people?
Halloween night
Knife- What was the name of Hayley’s mom?
Knife- Who told Finn about Hayley’s mother?
Knife- How did Hayley’s mom Rebecca, died?
drunk driver
Knife- How old was Hayley when her grandmother died?
Knife- Who got the purple Heart?
Hayley’s Dad
Knife- Where was Hayley’s dad stationed at when he was in the army?
2 times in Iraq and 2 times in Afghanistan
Knife- What did Finn’s room smell like?
body spray and fritos
Knife- What kind of music was playing on the speakers in Finn’s room?
Knife- What did Trish call Hayley as her nickname?
Knife- Where did Trish find the cuckoo clock?
Knife- What genre was the book that Trish was reading while on the recliner?
Knife- How long did Trish have to stay at Hayley’s while she was getting interviews for a job?
a week
Knife- What room was Trish sleeping in Hayley’s house?
Gramma’s room
Knife- What kind of sandwich was Garrett eating at the playground?
bologna sandwich
Knife- What is the name of Finn’s sister?
Knife- What was Chelsea addicted to?
Knife- What time did Hayley’s dad wake up in the morning screaming?
Knife- What did the coach hire Finn for?
to lifeguard during swim practice
Knife- Why was Finn’s mom selling her jewelry and her car?
to pay for rehab for Chelsea
Knife- Who is the only person that does not have any crazy parents?
Knife- When Hayley was in Ms. Rogak’s class what did the announcements say?
Knife- What is the noise in the hallway during lockdown sound like?
someone kicking the locker
Knife- Who sat in front of Hayley during the school locksdown?
Knife- Who peed his pants during the school lockdown?
Knife- Who was bullying Jonas because he peed his pants?
Knife- Where did Trish get a temporary job?
pediatric floor
Knife- Who washed the dishes after dinner?
Knife- What kind of video game was Hayley playing while Trish washed the dishes?
Zombie killing game
Knife- Who went with Trish to the grocery store?
Knife- Why did Hayley get a shopping cart for herself when Trish had one?
so she can get the food that she likes
Knife- How much food did Hayley have in her shopping cart at the grocery store?
about $500 worth
Knife- When did Hayley’s dad start emailing Trish?
6 months after they moved
Knife- How many months did Trish not have a drink?
27 months
Knife- How high was the snow after the snowstorm?
8 inches
Knife- Why were some guys wearing shorts in the winter?
for baseball
Knife- Where did Mrs. Benedetti take Hayley instead of her office?
the auditorium
Knife- Why did Hayley not want to go to Benedetti’s office?
she is claustrophobic
Knife- What did Mrs. Benedetti call Hayley’s dad about?
how Hayley didn’t take her SATs
Knife- When is the deadline to apply for college?
Knife- Where was Hayley and her dad on November 10th the year before?
Billings, Montana
Knife- On November 10th, what did Hayley’s dad do to the TV after the football game ended?
hot the TV
Knife- What day does Hayley dread the most when it comes?
Veterans day
Knife- Between Finn and Hayley, who knew more about cars?
Knife- What was the name of the restaurant that Hayley’s dad took Trish?
Knife- What did Trish see when she got to Chiarelli’s?
Andy and other guys drinking
Knife- Why was Hayley’s dad dressed as an army captain?
Veterans day assembly at school
Knife- What did Hayley have for breakfast on Veterans Day?
an apple
Knife- How many vets came to the assembly at Hayley’s school?
Knife- How many of the vets were women at the assembly?
Knife- How many students were in the audience at the assembly for Veterans Day?
Knife- What does Hayley’s dad call Finn?
what’s his name
Knife- How many guys talked to Hayley’s dad on Veterans Day at lunch with Hayley and Finn?
Knife- What day did world war one end?
November 11, 1918
Knife- How many soldiers died during WWI?
Knife- What was the question that one of the baseball players asked Hayley’s dad on Veterans Day?
Did you kill anybody?
Knife- Who said this quote, “Killing people is easier than it should be. Staying alive is harder.”?
Andy (Hayley’s dad)
Knife- What period did Hayley have open on Veterans Day to show her dad around school?
Knife- How did Hayley’s dad get a black eye?
from a bar fight
Knife- What time was Hayley’s dad at the restaurant and got into a bar fight?
Knife- What were Trish and Andy fighting about when Hayley got home on Veterans day?
Andy needed to get some help with his drinking
Knife- Why was Hayley’s dad going to go back on the road?
he can get rid of his past
Knife- Why did Trish leave Hayley and her dad?
Hayley’s dad lied to her
Knife- What was the nickname that Hayley called Trish after Veterans day?
Tsunami Trish
Knife- What was written on the note that was taped to Hayley’s door from Trish?
Where Trish was staying and $100
Knife- Who wrote the note and taped it to Hayley’s door?
Knife- What did Mrs. Benedetti do when Hayley flunked percalc?
put her in trigonometry
Knife- Why did a women from a bar call Hayley in the middle of the night?
to pick up her father
Knife- Who did Hayley call to drive her to the bar to get her dad?
Knife- Why was Hayley’s dad covered in blood when she picked Andy up at the bar?
he was in a bar fight with the bartender
Knife- What was the name of the bar Hayley’s dad got into a fight?
The Sideways Inn
Knife- Who drove Hayley’s dad around till they found his truck?
Knife- Why was Finn sad before Thanksgiving?
he had to go to his sisters to have a family meeting
Knife- Who was Gracie’s dad sleeping with?
their therapist
Knife- Who broke into Finn’s house and stole his mom’s emergency credit card?
Chelsea – his sister
Knife- Where was Finn’s mom’s emergency credit card in his house?
hidden inside a clock of frozen ice in the back of the freezer
Knife- Ho many times did Hayley call her dad while she was at the mall with Finn?
Knife- Why was the mall so busy when Finn and Hayley were there?
it was black Friday
Knife- Why did Hayley got with Finn to the mall?
help him find a dress shirt
Knife- Why did Hayley want to go home from the mall?
her dad wasn’t answering his phone
Knife- What did Hayley do when she was out the door of the mall?
broke up with Finn
Knife- What time was Hayley and her dad going to Gracie’s for Thanksgiving?
Knife- What cake did Hayley make for Thanksgiving at Gracie’s?
Rebecca’s Lemon Cake
Knife- Why did Gracie cancel Thanksgiving at her house?
her parents go into a fight
Knife- How many applications to Universities in California did Gracie finish?
Knife- Where did Hayley leave her keys?
next to her computer
Knife- What was burning in the fire pit behind Hayley’s house at the end of the book?
Hayley’s dad’s uniform
Knife- How did Roy die in the war?
Ambushed from grenades
Knife- Why was there broken glass all over the floor of Hayley’s house?
Andy broke all the glasses and bowls
Knife- Where did Hayley hide the ax that was stuck in the wall?
her closet
Knife- What was the one thing in the house that Hayley’s dad didn’t destroy?
the TV
Knife- Why was Spock in the basement?
because there was glass on the floor so it wasn’t safe for him to walk around
Knife- What did Hayley use to get the small shards of broken glass from the carpet?
a comb
Knife- What were the names of the two guys playing video games with Hayley’s dad?
Michael & Goose
Knife: What nickname does Andy call Hayley?
Knife- What did Hayley realize about Michael?
she wanted to kill him
Knife- How did Hayley get ride of Goose and Michael?
by calling 911
Knife- Why did Michael and Goose drive away on their bikes?
Hayley called 911
Knife- What did Hayley do when the cops were coming to the house after she called 911?
called Trish
Knife- Who said this quote to Hayley, “You woke up, Dad was passed out, you didn’t know the guys in your livingroom. Keep your story simple.”?
Knife- What nickname did Hayley call the cop that was questioning her?
Knife- What did Hayley take a picture of and then showed it to the cops?
the motorcycles license plates
Knife- What did one of the cops compliment Hayley’s dad for?
securing his guns properly
Knife- Why was Hayley’s dad taken to the hospital?
Knife- Where did Hayley go after her dad went to the hospital?
to school to find Finn
Knife- Why did Hayley have to take off her shoes at the pool?
they weren’t allowed
Knife- Why did Finn’s mom cry all day?
because Chelsea didn’t show up for Thanksgiving
Knife- Why did Finn ask Hayley about her bra size?
so he can give her an extra swimsuit
Knife- Why did Hayley have to put on a swim suit in the pool?
So Finn could teach her to swim
Knife- Why did Finn tell Hayley to close her eyes when she was swimming?
keep focused
Knife- When Hayley was swimming in the pool with her eyes closed, where did she end up?
the deep end
Knife- What class was supposed to come an hour after the boys swimming practice?
aerobics class
Knife- When did Trish bring Hayley’s dad home from the hospital?
Knife- How many units of saline solution did it take to fix Andy’s dehydration?
Knife- Who stayed home while Trish took Andy to the hospital?
Knife- What happened to Andy at the fourth of July party at the Bigelows?
he had a tiny stroke or seizure in the deep end of the pool
Knife- How long was Hayley in the hospital after the 4th of July party at the Bigelows?
one night
Knife- How long was Hayley’s dad in the hospital after the 4th of July party?
few weeks
Knife- How many weeks in a row did Trish come to dinner on Sunday’s?
Knife- What was in the living room on the morning of Christmas Eve?
Christmas tree
Knife- What gift did Finn give Hayley for Christmas?
coupon for free swimming lessons
Knife- What gift did Hayley give to Finn for Christmas?
homemade candle holder
Knife- What present did Hayley’s dad give to Hayley for Christmas?
pearl necklace
Knife- Who used to own the pearl necklace that Hayley has?
her grandmother
Knife- Why was the swim meet canceled after Christmas?
because of the snow storm
Knife- Who were the 2 presents under Hayley’s tree addressed to?
Hayley and Finn
Knife- What 3 things were inside Hayley’s present under the tree?
blue bandanna
2 gold rings
purple heart
Knife- What was inside the big red box in Gramma’s room?
photo album and envelopes for Hayley
Knife- Why did Hayley and Finn call the cops?
because her dad is missing
Knife- Why didn’t the cops try to find Hayley’s dad?
because he hasn’t been missing for 24 hours
Knife- Why didn’t Andy want to kill himself at home?
he didn’t want Hayley finding him
Knife- What was Hayley’s dad doing when she left for the swim meet after Christmas?
writing letters
Knife- Where was Hayley’s dad going to kill himself?
at the quarry
Knife- Who drove to the quarry in a snow storm?
Knife- When Hayley climbed the fence of the quarry what happened when she jumped down?
she hurt her knee
Knife- What was Andy wearing when he was lying in the snow at the quarry?
tshirt and shorts
Knife- Who was trying to stop Hayley from going to the edge of the quarry?
Knife- Who said this quote, “As soon as you jump, I’m jumping.”?
Knife- What was Hayley standing on at the quarry?
an overhang
Knife- Who was saying to Hayley and Andy to stay still at the quarry?
the cops
Knife- Who saved Hayley when the overhang of snow underneath collapsed?
Knife- How did Finn wreck his vocal cords at the end of the book?
screaming at the quarry
Knife- How many ribs did Andy break when he saved Hayley from falling off the cliff?
Knife- Who took care of Hayley and Andy after what happened at the quarry?
Knife- Where did Finn get his scholarship?
Knife- How many pounds did Andy lose in rehab?
20 lbs.