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The Impact of Industrialisation and Technology on Environment

With the rapid development of economy, people who live in contemporary society certainly own a different life in terms of contrasting their parents.There is a wide and profound change, especially in the progressive technology, which lead to the world becomes increasingly industrialization.The ever-accelerated developing of science and technology have changed citizens’ lifestyle and the way they get along with others.

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Nevertheless, from another perspective, there are considerable environmental problems arising.

One of such problems is water pollution, along with the reasons which result in this difficulty and its solutions will be explained and evaluated as well. There is a quite clearly saying that water is the most important source of life and each individual needs it everyday. It is undoubtedly that water exists on the planet as the most precious natural resource since over 70% of the Earth’s surface is made up of it. People use water for many different ways, for instance, drinking, bathing, irrigating crops and so on.

Everyone cannot survive without the seemingly invaluable water which is made of hydrogen and oxygen: water is essential for everything on the planet to grow and prosper. Even though the human beings recognize this fact, they still neglect it by polluting rivers, lakes, and oceans. ‘For a world that is 70% water, things are drying up fast. Only 2. 5% of water is fresh, and only a fraction of that is accessible’ (Kluger & Dorfman, 2002, p. 6). To the great disappointment, water resources have been seriously polluted.

It is reported that it is hard to find pure and clean water on the Earth now. People are gradually but surely damaging the planet where organisms are dying at a very alarming rate. Some researches have been done to reflect the serious problem, which informed each person that half of the world’s population is facing water pollution. There are approximately 250 million people got sick because of water pollution, and 5 to 10 million died among them. According to the survey results, ‘in the US 40% rivers and 46% lakes are too polluted’ (2012), Water pollution, last accessed 29 June 2012. 1. trillion gallons of dirty effluent and waste rubbish are poured into rivers and lakes of US each year. Among the numerous polluted rivers, the situation of Asian rivers is the most terrible in the world. Several major rivers of China were tested in the year of 2004, and the result of test reflected that half of them were not suitable for people to drink. The rivers and lakes of Europe were tested as well between the year 2004 and 2005, and the situation is also awful that 10% of them were too polluted to be used. In addition, water pollution will not only do harm to people but also to aquatic animals and plants.

As it is getting increasingly serious, nobody on the earth would relax and they are not able to do anything about it. The situation which gives rise to the problem will be analyzed in the following parts. ‘Point source pollution comes mainly from industrial facilities and municipal wastewater treatment plants’ (Peirce, J. & Weiner, F. & Vesilind, P. 1997, p. 32). Thousands of the factories have been set up in a quite short period of time along with the rapid development of industry, which release poisonous water, gases and other wastes everyday.

As a result of chemicals and sewages are poured directly into rivers and lakes by various factories, the water will become poisonous and its oxygen will be exhausted, which results in many aquatic organisms to die. Most of these wastes that are poured into water are not biodegradable. Therefore, nearly all factories discharge waste into the rivers to different extent, which result in water pollution. In addition, garbage especially plastics and other plastic-like substances is one of the reason that give rise to water pollution as well. Some plastic like nylon will do great harm to fish and other marine animals.

As a result of plastic can be broken down into tiny pieces that will be eaten by sea creatures and may easily lead to their death finally. Plastic is also a killer of water pollution because it will continue to kill more fish and plants. Last but not least causes of water pollution relate to personal care and household products. For instance, Shampoo, lotion, bleach, laundry detergent, and other pollutants. Both of above are accelerating the deterioration of water pollution. Consequently, human waste is not the only thing that causes pollution, these above products also join the sewage to contaminate the water.

In order to improve this bad situation, some measures should be taken. For the sake of leave individuals and their future generations a scenic global environment, it is the obligation of each citizen to play a significant role and participate in environmental conservation. In the first place, everyone should establish an economic sense that all trouble makers should pay for the pollution. The section of government can increase the tax, and the collected money will be used to cleaning up pollution. Only everyone has an awareness of protecting the environment can this terrible situation be improved.

The solution to this difficulty is the need for a collective consciousness. What is meant by this is that each individual must be aware of the impact he or she has on the world and their unique part to play in this world. Therefore, the public should hold some educational campaigns like acknowledge institute to arouse the consciousness of each individual to protect water. This is a very good and feasible measure to deal with the water pollution. In addition, technology can help to improve the quality of water as well.

And clean technologies can product much less pollution. Consequently, government should offer financial support to set up sewage treatment station. It is a good way of returning water to a river without pollution. The quality of water will be improved greatly owing to these equipments. However, there are also some old technologies, which can not help to deal with sewage. According to this phenomenon, industrialized countries should collaborate with those developing countries closely for the purpose of the rich countries will not just export old and obsolete technologies.

This solution is available as well to improve the awful situation of water pollution. Finally what have to mention is that many rivers have become the home of cans, bottles, glass and plastics because some of people are used to pouring dirty sewage and harmful chemicals into rivers, others throw garbage into them. According to this phenomenon, citizens should abandon the bad manners and also not to use chemicals. At the same time, farmers should use other ways to kill weeds and bugs. For instance, they can pull weeds by hand.

In general, people can protect the precious water in only one way: preventing the harmful chemicals from entering water. Based on the above analysis, it would be relatively safe to come to a conclusion that the problem of water pollution will destroy the organisms on the earth to a great extent. Congress has passed regulations to fight with water pollution which informed each individual the fact that water pollution is indeed a serious issue. Everyone has responsibility to protect water and make a better friendly environment.

Therefore, each individual should spare no effort to achieve this goal because the government alone cannot deal with the entire problem of water pollution. Bibliography Peirce, J. & Weiner, F. & Vesilind, P (1997) ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION and CONTROL, Netherlands: Elsevier Science & Technology Books Kluger, J. & Dorfman, A. (2002) The Challenges We Face. (Cover story). Time, 160(9), A6 Student of Shanghai (2012) Water pollution [WWW] Available from: http://old. jfdaily. com/gb/node2/node9140/node43355/node44009/node44769/userobject1ai1336749. html [Accessed 29/06/2012]

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