The History of Life WS

List six components of Earth’s early atmosphere.
Hydrogen, Cyanide, Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen sulfide, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen,
Is the following sentence true or false? Liquid water first occurred on Earth more than 4 billion years ago.
What are proteinoid Microspheres?
they are tiny bubbles, formed of large organic molecules, that have some characteristics of living cells
Is the following sentence true or false?
Scientists know how DNA and RNA evolved.
Why do scientists think that RNA may have evolved before DNA?
experiments show that small sequences of RNA could have formed and replicated on their own in the conditions present on early Earth
Once DNA evolved, why would it have become the primary means of transmitting genetic information?
DNA is a more stable information-storing molecule than RNA
Microscopic fossils are called ________.
How did early photosynthetic bacteria change Earth?
they produced oxygen, which first removed iron from the oceans and then accumulated in the atmosphere
Is the following sentence true or false?
The rise of oxygen in the atmosphere drove some life forms to extinction.
Is the following sentence true or false? The ancestor of all eukaryotic cells evolved about 2 billion years ago.
What was the first step in the evolution of eukaryotic cells?
the first step was evolution of internal cell membranes
What does the endosymbiotic theory propose?
it proposes that eukaryotic cells arose from living communities formed by several organisms
How did sexual reproduction speed up the evolutionary process?
sexual reproduction shuffles and reshuffles genes in each generation. This increase in genetic variation greatly increases the chances of evolutionary change due to natural selection
Is the following sentence true or false? Sexual reproduction evolved after the first multicellular organisms appeared.