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The Good Earth Essay

Character Analysis Wealth will not arise around you if no burning desire for wealth arises within you. Fortuitous for us, most men and woman alike both yearn for wealth, an intangible existent that has since the dawn of time represented superior class. But why is it that we yearn for wealth so much? Money? Power? Social Status? Luxury? Pride? Furthermore, why does wealth blind us from important things, like tradition?

In the beginning of The Good Earth, we are introduced to an impecunious, young farmer, Wang Lung, who, due to his father’s arrangement, ends up marrying a “brown common, patient faced” slave with the name of O-Lana.

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Like most farmer, Wang Lung has a strong connection and attachment to the land. However he is, like most men, an ambitious man, very envious of the Hang family and desires to have their wealth.