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The Gender Equity in Schools

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Gender Equality Report on Education This report is designed to inform on Gender Equity in Schools and educational fact; it was produced to raise awareness to those who seek knowledge in this area. StudentsSchools are working to become more gender equitable. Surveys show girls are loosing out to boys in areas such as who takes advancement classes, who graduates college and even the salary of a post college job. Amazing as it is girls only make 14% of those who take advance classes, where as 26% of boys make advance classes (these values are slowly equaling).

Also the vast majority of chemistry, physics, science and computer majors are male. This may be related to the fact that 75% of science and math teachers are male. Finally post college jobs on average offer 25% more salary to male employees. On higher level, there should be more equality to give girls a chance to earn positions higher than a traditional blue-collar job. Elementary Level Education Starting at a early age girls begin to be dominated in educational and most recreational areas; for example boys on average raise their hands to answer questions asked by the teacher eight times more often than girls do.

And it is very common for males to receive more praises or constructive criticism on their responses to the question that the teacher asks, where as girls get the more superficial "ok" reaction (but that is not always the case). In a typical schoolyard the area that boys play in is ten times larger than the area witch girls play in. Self-esteem Self-esteem is an important part of the success of all levels of education. Research states that an average girls are more likely to doubt their selves and are quicker to let go of their goals and to except failure.

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Even though girls are more likely to doubt their selves and are quicker to except failure doesn"t mean that boys don"t doubt their selves and don"t except failure quickly, it means that the majority of girls do. The number of teenager children who aspire to glamorous occupations such as rock stars, movie actors, and sport stars are overwhelmingly male. This "Glamour Gap" severely lowers the self-esteem of females to the point where their academic achievements drop and further increasing the "Glamour Gap".

Generally girls hopes are lower for their future careers than boys hopes for their future careers. The "Gender Gap" There are three new schools in Detroit, and two have only boy students. The Educational Council surveyed the schools and found only one girl at the age of five in one of the new schools. Teachers feel that this is a good opportunity for the children because there will be no fighting between girls and boys such as boys sexually harassing girls and boys teasing girls and viceversa.

There also will be much less of a "Gender Gap". The "Gender Gap" is boys receiving a higher level of education than girls because of dependent variables such as boys raising their hands more often than girls do, boys use ten times more area to play on than girls use to play on etc... Math and Science Math and science teachers have the most dramatic and most easily measured effects on adolescent students. There is a serious relationship between math class, science class, and teenage self-esteem.

When teenage students do well in math class and science class their self-esteem raises but a small decrease in these academic achievements can severely wound their pride and self-respect, therefore lowering their self-esteem drastically. Conclusion In conclusion, we would say there needs to be a major increase in gender equity not only in schools but also in the work place, sports, and all other recreational and non-recreational actives.

If we don"t stop this at an early age then children won"t learn any thing they will continue their stereotyping and harassing behavior on life, after school, extracurricular actives, college, and work; and why will they carry it on in life? Because they were never taught right from wrong. Classes like Challenges is a very good way to get children from a young age to change their behavior (if it is an expectable), and it is a good way to incorporate fun and learning about every day topics like sexual harassment, conflict resolution and many other topics together.

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