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The Families in the 1950’s

The 1950’s A typical 1950’s family was nothing like the ideal family in today’s generation. Back then a typical family was a mom and a dad and several children.

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The Families in the 1950’s

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. Everyone sat down to a home cooked meal together, unlike today where both men and women go to work and so they wind up eating something quick.

Shows like “Leave it to Beaver” created the perfect model of what the typical family of the 1950’s was like. When there was a conflict between a child and a parent, they sat down together and talked it out, nobody ran away or just brushed it off. Women stayed home did the chores and kept up with the house and took care of the children, while the husbands went out to work. The positive part of the 50’s was how families were actually families.

They did things together like watch television, ate dinner, and just spent time with each other talking about one another’s day. Women understood what it meant to honor their husbands and discipline their children. Other than that there was more negativity to this decade. Women were not allowed to do many things such as, going to work if they could afford not to, state their opinions to their husbands, and dinner had to be on the table when their husbands arrived home and not a second later.

Although the 1950’s were a more popular time then other decades, I do not think people would want to go back. Women were treated unfairly as well as minorities, and gays. I do, however, think that some aspects from that generation would be best fit in this generation

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