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The Effects of Music in the Mind

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The effects of music on the mind are profound. Music is a vital part of the General Education programs all through a student’s education, regardless of grade level.

Many studies have shown that the effects of music on everyday studies are significant. Not only that, but also that the earlier a child starts learning about or performing music, the more quickly his or her mind starts to develop.

“Studies show that classical music can stimulate brain development in babies, helping them appreciate relationships of sequence and time that will prove useful later when they study math and science.”

The fact that music enhances learning is proven, yet funding is still cut very significantly, sometimes even completely, in many schools throughout the United States. There are many theories as to why this is happening; it could be inadequate education of today’s general music teachers, or it could be that there is priority in another department that takes more of the school’s funding.

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For whatever reason, it has to stop. Music is just as important as any other subject taught in school, or any other extracurricular activities.

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