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The Effects of Child Abuse

Trust issues Need for instant gratification II.Behavioral effects Problems in school Making friends Getting along with others understanding school work B.Engaging in drug/ alcohol abuse Trying drugs Drinking Partying C.

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Suited D. Eating disorders Anorexia Bulimia Binging E. Criminal behavior Vandalism Prostitution F. Abusing others Physically Psychologically Sexually Ill. Physical effects Insomnia/ nightmare Startled easily Racing heartbeat Aches and pains Fatigue Difficulty concentrating Edginess or agitation Muscle tension Nelson 1 Psychological abuse is considered to be verbal abuse, extreme punishment, irruption, and lack of affection.

Psychological abuse is not only one of the most common types of child abuse, but it is also considered to be one of the most hurtful. The question is-?what effects does psychological abuse have on children? There are many consequences of psychological abuse, and most if not all of these effects are long term. Children can be emotionally affected by psychological abuse. One emotional effect of psychological abuse could be low self esteem. A child with low self esteem brought on by this abuse may have sensitivity to criticism, bouts of hostility, trihedral from society, and excessive preoccupation with personal problems.

These children may also suffer from depression. This depression may include a general sadness, an increase or decrease in appetite, feelings of fatigue, and thoughts of suicide. The abuse may also cause a child to become anxious which includes a general feeling of sickness, detachment, an inability to think clearly, and a constant fear of death. All of this can make a child aggressive. This can lead to a child physically or verbally attacking other which can cause injury to those people or to the hill itself. Children that are aggressive may also have personality disorders.

Some common personality symptoms a child may have are stormy relationships, social isolation, trust issues, and demand for instant gratification. A child’s behavior can also be affected by psychological abuse. Psychological abuse may cause a child to have problems in school. Some of the problems these children may have are making new friends, getting along with others, and understanding their school work. These children also tend to go to parties and engage in drugs and alcohol. Some of the hillier may only try the drugs and alcohol once-?others may become hooked on the drugs or become alcoholics for the rest of their lives.

Many of these children may commit suicide. Others may have eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, or binging. They are also involved in various criminal behaviors such as vandalism, drugs or alcohol, and prostitution. Because these children have known nothing but abuse their entire lives, they tend to be abusers themselves. They may verbally, physically, psychologically, or even sexually abuse others as they grow. Psychologically abused children also suffer from various physical effects of the abuse. Some of these physical effects may include insomnia.

Whenever they do sleep they end up having intense nightmares. A child may also be easily startled which may cause him or her to have a racing heartbeat. Some other effects may be fatigue, difficulties concentrating, edginess or agitation, and muscle tension-?causing aches and pains. Psychological abuse is very hurtful and harmful to children. It greatly affects who they are as a person. The effects of this abuse are intense. It affects children emotionally and physically, and can also affect their behavior and personality.

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